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Montana Lutherie

Interesting Idea!

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I just heard about this, and thought some budding performers out there might be interested...
The following profile by SHEL might explain the setup better than I.

Debut Album!!
Join us in releasing our first full length album - Your Pledge opens access to exclusive videos, tracks, and more!

Dear World,

We’re so pleased to tell you that we are working on our very first full length album. We’ve already recorded a few tracks in Nashville, and we think they sound smashing! The excitement we feel, simply cannot be expressed in English. Probably we could express it in Finnish, but we don’t speak Finnish, so really we can’t express it with words at all. The only way we might be able to show is through song. If you have pledged you will get to witness first-hand all of the excitement the sisters SHEL have built up in their tiny hearts the last few months.

In all truth, we just can’t do this without you! Pledging will not only get you something awesome(ie. homemade cookies, stylish top hats, fancy lanterns, the album on vinyl…), but it will also open up a whole new world(don’t you dare close your eyes!). You’ll get exclusive access to videos, advances of the album tracks and more!

Thank you for pledging and may the odds be ever in your favor- I mean…. We hope your day is most fantastic!
Yours truly,

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