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Ted Eschliman

For Retailers Only

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Some of you own a music retail business or work for a music store. In addition to co-owning a four-store chain of music stores in the midwest, I wear another hat as a columnist for Music Inc Magazine, one of the best (my own bias) print resources out there for the music industry. They have a terrific internet library of past and current articles in PDF format; most everything is there for you to download and ponder.

I've covered such topics as Not Your Mother’s China, Aging-Owner Syndrome, The New Retail Culture, issues dealers and their employees encounter everyday, all through the eyes of a 28-year music retail veteran.

If you've ever wondered about the battles other Independent retailers face in a rapidly changing world, you might find solace and advice here, and with some of the other columnists.

Read Ted's Articles.

Wish our art department would use a more flattering picture, though…

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  1. delsbrother's Avatar
    Ted, you look like a poli-sci teacher! Are there elbow patches on that jacket?