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The Fifth Course

Namm 2010

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I'm off to Anaheim in a week. My wife is calling it my annual weekend long window-shopping trip.

Goals for the show:
1) Get my paws on Jeff Cowherd's JBovier solid body emandos
2) See if Larrivee is trying again
3) Look for new entrants to the mandolin market
4) Cases: emando and mandola. Why are they so hard to find?
5) Amps: I wanna see little ones, and talk to makers about building them for emandos
6) Drum accessories for Kristen

If you want a report on a particular NAMM event or displayed product, let me as soon as possible. I'll do my best to fit it into my schedule.


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  1. mando.player's Avatar
    VHT Special 6 Amp. I saw the initial press release, but nothing since.
  2. delsbrother's Avatar
    Eastwood e-tenor guitar.
  3. Daniel Nestlerode's Avatar
    ooo. Nice calls!
    Adding them to the list.