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Mandolin 1

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Well, I am now officially in the world of mandolin. I repaired as best I can the top of the old mandolin given to me. The low set of strings buzz when fretted below the 5th but still it is better than nothing. I will learn to play this instrument. I was gonna start with the Stewart banjomandolin but the action is just too high above the 5th fret-caused by a failing heel on the instrument. Emailed Tim up in MT. Wolfe the other day about it. He will fix it for me when I send it up to him. Would love to, but have to wait for the money to come in so I have some to send to him.

Played a Ratliff mandolin down in the music store in town today as well as drove to the pawn shops to see what they had. The bigger one had no mandolins and the smaller one next to the paper had 2 cheapie ones they wanted over $120 each for. one had really ###### tuners on it that did not work, and the other was definately not worth the $129 price tag. Sounded the same as the cheapie one I already have. Just gonna have to get a kit and build a quality instrument. Did see a really beautiful guitar today while down in the music store. He told me it is made from "rotting" maple that is soaked for a few days to raise the grain and give it that unusual pattern. There seemed to be no stain on it but just a clear lacquar finish.

Am still waiting on news when the Stewart bowlback I won on ebay will be shipped. Am gonna send the seller an email asking if and when they intend to ship.

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