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Mandolin Mondays #415 w/ Special Guest Andrew Collins

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Back on Mandolin Mondays this week, we're joined by the exceptional Andrew Collins both with his Fletcher Brock F style mandola and his Heiden F5 mandolin to play a duet of his new original tune called "The Return to Dorrigo" which he recorded on his brand new trio album.

Andrew needs no introduction here! His expansive work and discography with the Creaking Tree String Quartet, the Foggy Hogtown Boys, and more recently with his trio has left a major impact on the mandolin world. And now, just recently, Andrew released a fantastic new record with his Trio called The Rule of Three, and you should definitely check it out here:

Here's a word from Andrew about this video, "The tune is called 'The Return to Dorrigo' and is a little homage to the many fiddle tunes written in tribute of the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival in Australia. I wrote this after my second time at the festival with the trio.

The mandola is a Brock F style mandola with englemann top. He built this for me before building me my mandocello. It really is a beauty. Super balanced and huge sound. I usually keep strings on it for a long time since itís so powerful, it seems to work better. I also use the flat wounds on it.

And the mando is my tried and true Heiden #89 also with an englemann top. Hard to believe Iíve had that mandolin for 17 years now!"

Be sure to connect with Andrew at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Chris Gray's Avatar
  2. Cary Fagan's Avatar
    Andrew, you continue to be an extraordinary composer as well as player. And a pretty nice guy, too.
  3. cayuga red's Avatar
    That mandola is fantastic!
  4. scapier's Avatar
    That was totally awesome!!
  5. pheffernan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cayuga red
    That mandola is fantastic!
    Give it up for the f-style mandola!