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Mandolin Mondays #361 w/ Special Guest Pascal Ayerbe

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This week on Mandolin Mondays we have multi-instrumentalist Pascal Ayerbe with us all the way from Paris, France, playing this beautiful original composition on his Northfield Big Mon mandolin.

Pascal began his career as a sound operator in 1999 for the national radio. With music all around him, he began to compose musics with toys and things that make noise, going on to win several important awards. He's recored and published five music albums on Depuis la Chambre, Le Chant du Monde - Harmonia Mundi, Enfance et Musique. And Pascal has toured extensively in France, Canada, China, Scotland, and Spain. After 1200 shows on the road, he stoped touring to focus on other things.

Here's a word from Pascal about this video, "Since the pandemic, I decided to move forward, focusing on the most beautiful sounding instrument, the mandolin. In this video I am playing a Northfield Big Mon (engleman top), with a home made bridge with maple and ebony.

For people who would like to find a mandolin I have built, they can follow Lucas Henri who sent me these photos of Mike and Casey, it is a custom x braces mandolin model (photos below). I am not spending time at the workshop any more, preferring to play music instead to digging wood.

In France you can meet me during Bluegrass Jam’s session."

Be sure to connect with Pascal at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. cayuga red's Avatar
    Lovely tune. Thanks
  2. JonDoug's Avatar
    That's a perfect tune for the foggy Monday morning where I'm at! Interesting idea to substitute maple wood for the typical ebony bridge base on your Big Mon--I'm sure that adds to the overall tone you achieve!
  3. Joe Bartl's Avatar
    Beautiful, intriguing. Is the music available?
  4. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    A beautiful composition and playing to match!! Thank you, Pascal, for sharing!
  5. Nick Royal's Avatar
    I liked it a lot too! Starts out simple and gets more complex, it seemed to my ears.
    And I too would like to see the score.
  6. pascalayerbe's Avatar
    Hello everybody, thank's a lot for your comments. A this time there is no score, so I will try not to forget it...
  7. John Soper's Avatar
    Beautiful tune, haunting!