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Mandolin Mondays #343 w/ Special Guest Alon Sariel

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Returning to Mandolin Mondays this week we have classical mandolinist Alon Sariel with us to play this gorgeous original prelude from a recent partita he composed for mandolin. Joined by his cat and his Mintu Biswas mandolin, Alon's video is one you'll not want to miss.

If you're new to Alon's music, he's an award-winning mandolinist and lutenist originally from Beersheba, at the southern part of Israel. Now living in Hanover, Germany, Alon directs the international Baroque orchestra Concerto Foscari, is also a founding member of the music ensemble PRISMA, and has made numerous guest appearances as a soloist and conductor at festivals and concerts around the globe.

Most recently Alon has recorded and released a new album on the Pentatone label called Plucked Bach, a selection of movements from J.S. Bach’s cello suites performed on six plucked instruments. The album also ends with Alon's own Bach-inspired Partita which includes the piece played in this video. Check it out here:

Here's a word from Alon about this video, "The piece is the Prelude from a mandolin partita that I've composed in the first Covid year. There's definitely some light in there, but also moments of solitude and isolation...
It therefore fitted nicely in my new album Plucked Bach, which also plays around lights and shadows throughout the cello suites.

The video was filmed at home very simply just with an iphone, no extra mic. My cat took the attention for a few seconds, it's fine, she's the boss here... I'm actually an ambassador of goodwill for animal rights and this summer I'll play two concerts in Germany and Poland for the organization Pro Animale. I know their work from very near and I encourage everyone to support them here with a donation: "

Alon has two mandolins by luthier from Mintu Biswas in India--including the mandolin in this video. Check out Mintu's beautiful work at his website here:

Be sure to connect with Alon at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    Sublime. What a lovely way to start the week - thank you, Alon.
  2. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful! What a peaceful prelude! Just what we need today! Thank you for sharing, Alon!!
  3. DougC's Avatar
    Very nice. And a nice sounding mandolin too.
  4. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
    Outstanding. Is that an Arik Kerman mandolin with a double top board?
  5. cayuga red's Avatar
    Fine playing indeed. And what a mandolin!
  6. KCNelson's Avatar
    Gorgeous music.
  7. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    Masterly, as ever. Interesting to hear of Mintu Biswas in India.
  8. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful, Thanks, Alon and David. Beautiful cat, too!
  9. ccravens's Avatar
    Amazing. Sublime. Beautiful.
  10. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
    You, your original piece of music, your playing, your mandolin, and your cat, all gorgeous!
  11. Flynx's Avatar
    Animals and Mandolins - my two biggest passions in life. How could I not absolutely love this. Thank you so much for this Alon.