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Mandolin Mondays #267 w/ Special Guest Josh Bennett

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This week on Mandolin Mondays, Australian multi-instrumentalist Josh Bennett joins us for a stunning debut mandolin performance of this choro-style piece written by Doug De Vries. This 11 month old, left handed Duff is sounding incredible in Josh's hands!

Josh Bennett is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, and performer with a love of music from all over the world. His ability to attain such expertise across so many instruments and to blend his music into so many genres is astonishing. Equally at home on guitar, sitar, dilruba (bowed sitar), fiddle, mandolin and tabla, he's one of Australia's most versatile musicians. He's performed around the world, on guitar at guitar festivals, on mandolin at Bluegrass festivals, and on sitar for Pandit Ravi Shankar at his home in Delhi.

Here's a word from Josh about the video, "This piece is called “Running The Scree”, written in a choro-style by a Melbourne friend and guitar virtuoso Doug De Vries, adapted for mandolin by me and performed for the first time in this video. I’m playing an 11-month old F5 mandolin built by the Australian luthier Paul Duff (still on its first set of strings despite me having thrashed it for almost a year). The hardest thing for me with this piece was to get that choro ‘lope’ in the rhythm (like swing but over four notes instead of two). I’m planning to do a video on rhythmic nuance coming up that talks about that very thing, and might use sections of this video as reference, stay tuned!"

Check out Josh's YouTube channel for lot's of in depth music tutorials:

And be sure to connect with Josh at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nice! The Duff, not surprisingly, sounds marvelous.
  2. Michael Romkey's Avatar
  3. Joe Dodson's Avatar
    Beautiful piece.
  4. Alfons's Avatar
    Most excellent piece, playing and instrument!
  5. John Soper's Avatar
    Beautiful sounding instrument, nice piece involving some advanced picking - executed with both technical skill and emotion. Bravo!
  6. DougC's Avatar
    Somehow looking at a left handed player makes me dizzy. Ha, ha.

    So I close my eyes, put on the headphones and enjoy his sound. Maybe I'll just loop it for a while...this is a very nice tune.
  7. joshbennettmusic's Avatar
    Thanks for having me on, David. Another of Doug's pieces is on my YouTube channel for those who are into Brazilian mando. It's called Hummingbird, accompanied by, well, me, on nylon string.
  8. dshipp's Avatar
    Thanks for the introduction to Josh Bennett. Went to his YouTube channel and discovered his eye-opening Nature of Music series covering the mathematics and physics of tones, resonance, rhythm and more - with some great picking tutorials mixed in.