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I have been doing a blog on my website,, for several years. There are three main sections to
  • My blog, which is basically a more or less monthly post about anything to comes to mind. The blog started life as a "journal" at When it became probable that I would survive my bout with lymphoma, I moved all the journal entries to my own website and I shifted the content away from my health and more about life in general. There is not much mandolin-related content in the blog section.
  • A section labelled "Doodads", which is documentation of many of the whimsical things I have whittled. Pictures, sometimes step by step descriptions, and sometimes descriptions of my tools.
  • A portfolio of my videos, which are almost all mandolin pieces I have put together for our Newbies social group's Tune of the Month.

There are also some miscellaneous pages including a short bio, some TablEdit tips that I found useful, some links for finding tunes on the internet, etc.

Feel free to visit and browse. And feel free to register. Registration puts you an a list to be notified by email when I post another blog post or video or doodad post. Also, you will get notification of when folks leave comments. In addition, registered members have a link to my tune library of TablEdit files. Many of these are the files I generated for our Tune of the Month; many more are just tunes I downloaded from or or other sources. All these tunes are ones I have "messed around with" and may have altered a bit to dumb them down to my level.

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  1. HonketyHank's Avatar
    Oh, if you register at my website, be sure to let me know in your registration request that you are a member here at . I actively scan registration requests and I reject ones that look like total strangers looking for a place to hack or fill with spam.