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Mandolin Mondays #231 /// "Wildwood Flower"

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Hey folks! Happy Mandolin Mondays! I just launched a new Patreon page and, and decided to celebrate with a little "Wildwood Flower."

You can expect a lot more videos like this to come! Head over to my Patreon page to get the tab/notation transcription of this performance and a bunch more weekly mandolin content:

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Also, folks on Patreon will have download access to my newly edited and compiled Mandolin Mondays Transcription Collection, which has the dots and numbers for 56 of my personal video arrangements--238 pages altogether! So excited to share this with you Mandolin Mondays fans who've been with me since the beginning!

So come play some tunes with me and be a part of this mandolin learning community. And as always, tune back in next week for more Mandolin Mondays...

Happy picking!

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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Lovely version of that tune, David. Well played!
  2. dang's Avatar
    His shirt seems to match the drapes - and I mean that literally...
  3. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Beautiful. Bravo.Thank you, David- and, of course for all the Mandolin Mondays, too!
    Yes, dang - his shirt does match the curtain!
  4. darylcrisp's Avatar
    thank you David for mandolin Mondays, I look forward each week to see who is going to be here, its a sweet addition to start the week for sure!

  5. Skip Kelley's Avatar
    Thank you David for your inspirational playing! I love Mandolin Monday’s!
  6. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice variations.
  7. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice playing as always, David, like the arrangement. And nice touch topping off the leaves with the wildwood flowers! Good luck with the patreon page - I'll be checking it out.
  8. Mandolin Deep Cuts's Avatar
    I just wanted to say that I obtained the transcription collection and it’s keeping me playing during isolation! Lots of fun and it’s doable with practice.