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New Mandoloncello

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A bit of a bargain from Hobgoblin Music in Leeds.

It sounds great even if it is a bit keen on the inlay

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  1. Jim Imhoff's Avatar
    I've had a cylinderback, a K2 and now a K4, but I have to wonder what it feels like to hold let alone play a big bowlback.
    Beautiful, probably sounds great.
  2. Beanzy's Avatar
    I'm tempted to say it's a bit like holding a small dustbin with a neck, but actually it's not too ungainly.
    I use a section of non-slip material laid on my thigh and lower stomach to stop any movement, so it's very well behaved really.

    I had been playing an Oakwood with a 26" scale, but this is a lot shorter. I prefer the sound from this one and it's a lot more nippy to get around.
  3. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Eoin: what is the scale length?
  4. Beanzy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber
    Eoin: what is the scale length?
    Hi Jim , apologies for the delay replying, I'm not very good at staying current on tge various social media.

    As a guess from memory I would say it's somewhere between 58-60cm, whereas the Oakwood I had been using was 64cm. I'm away for work at the moment so can't check, but will do when I get back at the weekend and give a definite measurement then.
    I put Dogal Calace mandoloncello strings on it and it sounds great, a very good low C and much more singing sound higher up the fretboard. I have to adapt the C strings as they're made for a much longer scale so they don't taper in time for the tuning peg hole. so I have to unwind them and make a new taper to go in the peg.
  5. Beanzy's Avatar
    Just got back & measured it Jim
    Scale length is bang on 58cm. body top from tailpiece to neck join is 50cm
    Overall length is 97cm
    Widest part of top is 35cm
    top to bowl deepest point is 21cm
  6. Jass Zinger's Avatar
    Hey, bit late to the party. Do you know what make this is? It has exact same body shape and hardware as the Alulu mandocellos, just with more inlays.
  7. Beanzy's Avatar
    It has no labels or identifying marks inside. But I think it definitely is one of the Alulu instruments from Taiwan.