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Mandolin Mondays #187 w/ Special Guest Mike Mullins

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West coast mandolin resident Mike Mullins joins us for Mandolin Mondays with a beautiful rendition of "The Water is Wide" played on his renecked 1937 Gibson F7.

Mike has been the guitarist for the California-based band the Cache Valley Drifters for a while now, but he says that mandolin is his first love. He's collaborated with some of the best cats on the West Coast--even found himself as an Artist-in-residence at David Grisman and Mike Marshall's illustrious Mandolin Symposium. His current solo release Windows of Time features the talents of Gabe Witcher, Joe Craven, Jim Kerwin, and many other excellent players. Check it out here:

Additionally, Mike has been working on a new project called 8-String Sketches--an album of solo mandolin arrangements of tunes from around the globe and across time. The piece in this video will be featured on the record and it will be due for release in January 2020.

Here's a word from Mike about the tune and mandolin in this video, "This is my meandering rendition of an old Scottish favorite, "The Water is Wide." "Outlander" fans may recognize the intro interlude. My mandolin is 1937 Gibson F7 that was renecked to F5 specs many years before I owned it, probably by Randy Wood. I acquired it in 1991 from David Grisman, who owned it at that time. It’s been my main axe since and I’m still pretty bonded with it. It’s got a face only a mother could love, but I love the sound."

Be sure to connect with Mike at the following links below for more information about his music:

And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then...

Happy Picking!

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  1. Jeroen's Avatar
  2. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nicely played. Thank you and welcome, Mike.
  3. William Smith's Avatar
    Very NICE F-7 conversion-I've had many and still have one! They are spectacular mandolins! Was yours an internal re-graduated as well? I'd say that is a very successful conversion-well played and great tone! Love it man!
  4. Luna Pick's Avatar
    Thanks Mike. That was beautiful, what a way to start the day.
  5. chasray's Avatar
  6. atbuckner21's Avatar
  7. Amandalyn's Avatar
    Beautiful !
  8. oliverkollar's Avatar
    Really really beautiful!
  9. Denny Gies's Avatar
    Wow, nice.
  10. EvanElk's Avatar
    Fantastic - thanks!
  11. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Wicked awesome, Mike! Thanks.
  12. TimB989's Avatar
    Man I could listen to that forever. Thanks Mike! Hey
  13. Steve-o's Avatar
    Lovely! Tasteful arrangement and dynamics.
  14. DanielP's Avatar
    Beautiful arrangement and sound. Bravo
  15. Alfons's Avatar
    Even more beautiful the second time through. I'll be looking forward to the release in January!
  16. Lynn Dudenbostel's Avatar
    One of the most tasteful musicians to ever pick up a mandolin. A great guy too.
  17. masa618's Avatar
    This is a very beautiful melody and perfect tone. That's great!
  18. tiare's Avatar
    loving this