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Gibson History

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I was reading through a couple of articles/threads on Gibson Mandolin History and had the thought (revived- but I've been thinking somebody else would do it) of writing an article on the Gibson/Flatiron-Gibson/Mt Division years. I was there as a little cog in the wheel but still have contact with Steve, Dennis Balian and, of course, Bruce. Might be good timing as 'that' era seems to be coming to a close so-to-speak.

It would take some time, and I have Rangers to build : ) and Steve would need to be agreeable to take the time... now I'm thinking of Jim Triggs, Greg, and perhaps even Henry...ach a trip to Nashville and I don't go anywhere but camping & fishing in Montana these days...

Anybody think that's an interesting idea?

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  1. MikeEdgerton's Avatar
    Of course it would be interesting. When will it be finished?
  2. Mary Weber's Avatar
    I was afraid I'd actually get a comment : ) I was thinking about it all day today and it sounds like a winter project.