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Mandolin Mondays #99 w/ Special Guest Evan Marshall

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Hear the one-and-only Evan Marshall play through these Thanksgiving appropriate fiddle tunes like you've never heard before! Evan and his Gilchrist F5C are unstoppable!

Evan is the unparalleled master of the solo mandolin. His 1995 Rounder Records release The Lone Arranger remains one of the premier recordings for this medium--displaying an overwhelming array of beautifully full textures, virtuosic acrobatics, and brilliant arrangements across a plethora of different genres. Country guitar legend Chet Atkins called Evan A true virtuoso, one of the few great musicians of our time. And who can argue with that!

Connect with Evan at the links below for more info about his music and to inquire about private online lessons:

Happy Thanksgiving from Mandolin Mondays!


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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Is there tab for that?

    Seriously, love it! Welcome, Evan.
  2. Bill McCall's Avatar
    I just have to laugh watching him play, it’s so amazing. I’ll have to practice another week.
  3. bigskygirl's Avatar
    Love it!
  4. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    I have to comment here:

    I have watched all/most of the mandolin mondays contributions. I find them an incredible and thoroughly thought over plan/marketing design/teaching approach/publicity idea/ittouchessomanypartsofgettingthemusicoutthere.

    First of all: Let me congratulate you of the quest to bring us "Mandolin Mondays".

    Then: Let it be a hub (for you... for us) to interact musically (and probably/hopefully professionally for you) with other world class musicians

    Also: As it shows the multitude of aproaches to playing the instrument (mandolin in this case), we see that each musician/ each aproach stands for itself individually.

    At last: KEEP IT UP! (Maybe, after this run/year of mandolin mondays there is a concept of mandolin mondays as duo recordings; team up unlikely instrument combinations; explore the depth of musical pieces [let bluegrass mandolinists play classical pieces and vice versa, f.ex.]; team up an instructor with a student; come up with a year full of musicians of each genre [folk, rock, jazz, grass etc.]).

    Come to Europe sometime...
  5. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    ...forgot to shout out how much I liked the Evan Marshall piece. (I was sold on his playing after having listened to him on "Tone Poets"!)
  6. mandopixie's Avatar
  7. grassrootphilosopher's Avatar
    ... sorry;

    1) check out the strap! Do not ever think of putting a heel button in your mandolin after watching this video.

    2) check out the pick grip...(among many other things). Chapeau Evan.
  8. AlanN's Avatar
    Well blow me down...
  9. ccravens's Avatar
  10. Jerusalem Ridge's Avatar
    So far my favorite mandolin Monday ever!
  11. mandolooter's Avatar
    Well I sure as heck can't pick like that but it's refreshing to see someone that good also keeps a pick in his strings while he's playing! That was unbelievably good Evan!
  12. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
    Selling all my mandolins now......
  13. Ivan Kelsall's Avatar
    That was so funny as well as being totally brilliant !!!. My own playing is very similar,but my gaffs aren't intentional,
    Terrific - Ivan