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photo by Bruce Graybill

We say on our website: MANDOLIN AUTHORITY Become a member of a group of people who play, work, and live a mandolin inspired life.

Now I realize right here, at mandolincafe, is the ultimate for that particular group but ours is for those who are also shopping (more accessories to come), contemplating sending in your instrument for a tune up or repair (10% off the accessory or repair service), or MAC Inspection (free shipping one way- which can be a considerable savings).

Along with the discounts you get a Mandolin Authority Pin and your choice of Yeti Rambler Cup, MA Tshirt or MA Cap. Free gifts are fun.

This would make a great present for somebody you know who is needing, or desiring, a repair or customization on their instrument. Hey- we also offer Gift Certificates that you are able to send to others so they can Join, or to help pay for a service- like a cool new truss rod cover or even a peghead inlay, or EVEN a new color, or...

Here is the Tshirt:
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BTW: The guitar just sold off of our site, and I'll be putting a used Weber Hyalite Octave (MAC inspected) up here, and on our site. He's a local guy who says he needs a new steel guitar : ). He's also selling a vintage F2 Gibson which we'll post after Bruce works on it a bit. He's been meaning to sell them and thinks the MAC program was a good idea for his instruments...

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