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Mandolin Mondays #86 w/ Special Guest Tim Connell

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This week Tim Connell joins us on Mandolin Mondays for some George Harrison and a hot beverage--a stellar solo arrangement played on Tim's Arrow G-Model mandolin.

Tim Connell is one of the shining mandolin gems of the West Coast. Amazingly prolific, diverse, and adroit, Tim traverses between bluegrass, Celtic, swing, choro, classical, and pop music with ease. His ongoing projects with Rio Con Brio, Stumptown Swing, and Eric Skye display his musical expertise and compelling playing style.

Most recently, Tim recorded and released an album of entirely solo mandolin music entitled, MandAlone. The record features some fantastic, creative solo arrangements, and is paired with a companion transcription book for other solo mandolin thespians to dig into. Today, Tim shares a live performance of a track from the album.

Here, Tim shares a little about his arrangement for this video: “This is my original solo mandolin arrangement of the George Harrison classic, “Something”. I think I started this by learning the beautiful George Harrison guitar solo, and the rest of it fell together quickly--C major is a great key for solo arrangements. The A major middle section was a hole in the middle of this arrangement for awhile until I figured out that instead of getting bigger here (as the original recording does), I could go way smaller, getting the G-string out of the picture all together for a couple of bars and freeing myself from having to hold down that low A. I added the harmonics, or “chimes” in the 3rd verse as a treat for the audience, instead of having to watch me plod through the regular verse for a third time.”

Tim teaches a host of workshops around the country in addition to private Skype and in person lessons. Also, Tim has a number of video lessons available on Mandolins Heal the World.

Connect with Tim at the links below for more info about his recorded work, online lessons, and performance schedule:

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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Tim! Great arrangement.
  2. Perry's Avatar
  3. mandopixie's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful arrangement and stellar performance! Your mando weeps pretty well, too.
    Thanks, Tim.
  4. maudlin mandolin's Avatar
    Wonderful - especially the harmonics, and I love the way you manage to get sunbeams to shine out of your mandolin!
  5. John Soper's Avatar
    Great song, great arrangement!
  6. lukmanohnz's Avatar
    That's about the most lovely solo Beatles arrangement I've ever heard. Staggeringly gorgeous.
  7. Alfons's Avatar
    Exceptionally nice! I really felt the original coming through, while at the same time getting equal ownership from the arranger and the instrument. You made it a great mando tune, but I can still hear George. Way to go! Thanks, Tim.