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Mandolin Mondays #64 /// "Boston Boy"

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Things have been crazy busy recently, but I'm happy to be back with another Mandolin Monday video! This past month I made the final move up to Boston to join Mile Twelve and record our new record together. Now that things have settled down, I thought I'd share a few passes at an appropriately titled fiddle tune to celebrate the occasion.

Hope you have been enjoying all the special guests here at Mandolin Mondays. Tons more to come this year! Thanks so much for watching and sharing these videos with your friends! Also, I've written out the tab/notation for how I played through the tunes in this video. I'd love to connect with you and send you a free copy. Just contact me through my website:

Happy Picking!


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  1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow... Nicely done, David.
  2. Chanmandolin's Avatar
    Incredible. Wonderful tone
  3. Jeff Mando's Avatar
    Beautiful job, David!
  4. Drew Egerton's Avatar
    Very nice. Seems like he used the elbow a lot more than the wrist, ala Sam Bush
  5. geoffreymbrown's Avatar
    Really terrific !
  6. AlanN's Avatar
    Simply great!
  7. Ron McMillan's Avatar
    Astounding technique. Thank you.
  8. Bill Slovin's Avatar
    Awesome playing David! You had some really creative variations in there.