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The Fifth Course

MandoGeek Trivia #2

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rekx successfully sussed the maker.
Anyone for a guess at the model?
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Updated Mar-02-2009 at 6:19pm by Daniel Nestlerode

Electric Explorations


  1. rekx's Avatar
  2. Daniel Nestlerode's Avatar
    So close!
    Sorry, no it is not a "Fender Electric Mandolin." Though it fits that description to a tee and I will affectionately call it my Mandocaster, "Fender Electric Mandolin" is not the model name.

    Keep digging, you'll find it.

  3. rekx's Avatar

    Interesting stuff here;

    "Then, early in 2008, a batch of FM-984s and FM-988s appeared in the United States. Most of these appeared to be finished in "Seafoam Green," but they might actually have been Sonic Blue instruments with yellowed clearcoat. Research reveals that these instruments originated from Fender EDC BV in the Netherlands. Rejected for being the wrong color, they languished in a Dutch warehouse for five years or more before being sold to the Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation in Tennessee, which stamped then "USED" and sold them wholesale to U.S. dealers, most of whom immediately sold them on eBay—where demand was higher than anticipated: they sold for as much as $1,000."

    Does yours have "used" stamped on it?
  4. Daniel Nestlerode's Avatar

    Well, the picture shows a used stamp. I don't have it in hand yet.

    I should get the instrument tomorrow. On Wed I'll take a bunch of pictures and post them to the photos section of the message board.

    Updated Mar-03-2009 at 1:39am by Daniel Nestlerode