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Mandolin Mondays #57 - w/ Special Guest Jason Bailey

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Time for some progressive jazz mando coming at you from Jason Bailey on a sweet Heiden F5 mandolin. Hear Jason play through a cool tune called "Unity Village" composed by jazz guitarist guru Pat Metheny.

Jason Bailey is at the forefront of the creative acoustic music scene in Birmingham, AL. He is always reimagining the role of the mandolin, drawing from such musical styles as jazz, bluegrass, Celtic, and more. You can hear Jason play around the Southeast with his own group, the Jason Bailey Band, as well as countless other projects.

Here's a word from Jason about the tune: "I was first introduced to this tune while on a jazz trio gig with Mark Kimbrell (guitar) and Todd Brasher (bass). Unity Village really struck a chord with me. The song and the trio I was playing with when I first encountered it inspired me to do an album. I loved the way the song shifts around different keys and I especially love how the melody incorporates the angular and dissonant major seventh intervals in the first few bars. For this video I decided to approach the whole song as one improvisation. There was no arrangement (other than playing the melody first). Basically, I hit record and let the song lead me on a journey. I hope you enjoy."

You can hear this song and a some other great jazz-oriented mandolin music on Jason’s trio album, Waltz for Somebody (featuring Mark Kimbrell and Todd Brasher) released in Dec of 2015. You can find the album on iTunes or just about any music download site. You can also get a physical copy from CDbaby at this link

Jason is also offering a free transcription of the tune in this video. You can contact him through his website to get a copy and to hear more of his music:

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  1. Drew Streip's Avatar
    The "Bright Size Life" album was instrumental (pun maybe intended) in getting me hooked on jazz. Sounds great, Jason! Thanks for joining Mandolin Mondays!
  2. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great playing, Jason. Welcome to Mandolin Mondays! Always enjoy having your music around the Cafe.
  3. Uncle Choppy's Avatar
    Wow. Fantastic stuff. There have been some real treats in the Mandolin Monday series.
    I too love the Bright Size Life album. From the first listen, I heard something very different to any jazz I'd heard before. There was something deep, almost folksy, about the tunes and the textures and sense of space in the arrangements just added to that feeling.
    This interpretation shows me my ears did not deceive me. Unity Village sounds completely at home on the mandolin and it brings out that earthy side to it. Thanks for sharing and the wonderful playing!
  4. jason bailey's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind words Drew, Scott and Uncle Choppy (sorry I don't know your real name). Glad to know there are other fans of both mandolin and Metheny out there. I hope we get to cross paths again soon.