• Monroe Mandolin Camp Scheduled for September 20-24 in Abingdon, Virgina

    Monroe Mandolin Camp

    ABINGDON, VIRG. — Registration has opened for the 10th Annual Monroe Mandolin Camp, September 20-24 at the Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, minutes from Bristol, Tenn.

    At the Monroe Mandolin Camp, original, traditional roots bluegrass music is played, taught, jammed, and breathed 24-7! Whether mandolin, fiddle, banjo, rhythm guitar, harmony singing, songwriting, old-time mandolin, or upright bass, MMC offers the finest instruction in a fun and inclusive environment.

    About this year's edition, Director Mike Compton said, "What do Jimmy Martin, Rudy Lyle, Vassar Clements, Ernie Newton, Tommy Jackson, Carter Stanley, Gordon Terry, Edd Mayfield, Charlie Cline, Sonny Osborne, Bobby Hicks, Bessie Lee Mauldin, Joe Stuart, Dale Potter, Kenny Baker, Jack Cooke, Joe Drumright, Robert Pennington, Chick Stripling, Don Stover, Doug Kershaw, and Red Taylor have in common with each other? These are some of the premiere artistic personalities and also all part of one of Bill Monroe's most innovative and creative periods, a slice of time between 1950-1958 we call the 'Hard-Edged High Lonesome Sound'. This year we have chosen to bear down and look at the music of the decade that gave us some of the most enduring and popular material that is still heard today as well as some of the most emotionally raw and gut-wrenching songs in Monroe's catalogue.

    "We have a great lineup on staff to guide you and help you 'really play it right' as Mr. Bill would say. Whether you're a fan of banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass, guitar or vocals we can help you get further along on your journey in a fun and inclusive environment. Young learn from the young at heart; southerners jam side-by-side with northerners; long-timers play side by side with beginners. All come together as a dynamic community to learn the music Bill Monroe created. We pride ourselves on being something of an incubator to the next generation of traditional bluegrass players, who will carry the #monroestyle, #flattstyle, #scruggsstyle, and #bakerstyle into the future. We look forward to seeing you all at this 10th anniversary of MMC!"

    MMC is once again partnering with The Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol, Tenn. to host a live broadcast the annual Instructor Concert, via Radio Bristol. There are two very special afternoon special presentations: Award winning podcaster Daniel Patrick will be live broadcasting a panel discussion for the Mandolins and Beer Podcast and The Tennessee Bluegrass Band will be Artist in Residence for a special Band Dynamics presentation, as well as providing master coaching for Band Scrambles.

    Additional special elective classes include Daily Yoga and Stretching for Injury Prevention in The Care of A Musician, String Changing 101, a Band Scramble Competition, and more!

    There are over $5,000 of Scholarships in three different forms, being offered this year:

    1. The Bob Dragone Memorial Scholarship which was established to honor the memory of Robert Dragone, and to financially assist any active duty or veteran member of any military branch to attend MMC.
    2. Video Competition Scholarships will be offered in Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, and Banjo (see website for dates and requirements)
    3. All full-time students (whether grade school or graduate school) automatically receive a $100 scholarship to attend

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    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Signed up. This camp is so much fun, so well-organized, and I'm really looking forward to Reischman's classes. Maybe this will lead to a Reischman/Compton recording? Now that would be amazing.

      What cafer's will I see there?
    1. rnjl's Avatar
      rnjl -
      Oh, oh, I wish I could go to this, but dang it, it's always scheduled at the beginning of the academic year (when I launch some interns where I work) and around the Jewish holidays.

      I wish they would put this in August or October!
    1. keith.rogers's Avatar
      keith.rogers -
      I'm signed up for my 2nd go-round. On the timing, I think it's a lot to juggle with finding a place and dates that don't conflict with something. Last year there was an overlap with IBMA and that impacts the faculty (and others) availability. Add NASCAR races before and after those two weeks and it is amazing they thread that needle at all!
    1. chris.burcher's Avatar
      chris.burcher -
      I live in Abingdon and I couldn't go last year. Not sure about this year, yet. I have to play it by ear. Which is the only way I know how
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      They also have day passes, Chris, if you can't make it the whole time. The instructor concert at the Bristol Sessions Museum in Bristol would be worth a day pass in itself. Seriously the best live music show you'd ever want to see. And not a bad seat in the house. (only seats for Monroe Campers) About 1:11:00 or 1:12:00 Mike and Carl Jones play "My Father's Footsteps." Just outstanding.

      Let's make sure we pick this year, Keith.