• New Music - David Grisman Dawg Works Volume 4

    David Grisman Dawg Works Volume 4

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced the release of David Grisman Dawg Works Volume 4.

    This fourth volume of the collected original compositions of David "Dawg" Grisman is comprised of works written between 1991 and 1999, compiled chronologically in the order in which they were written. These performances were selected by the composer and include 10 previously unissued tracks featuring David with Jerry Garcia, John Hartford, Edgar Meyer, Tony Rice and many others.

    All the tracks have been re-mastered in the high-definition (24 bit, 96 khz) format, affording listeners the unique opportunity to enjoy this music in a sonically superior format.

    Also announced today at Acoustic Disc is the availability of David Grisman's new project Happy Birthday Lloyd Loar. This unique recording was made in celebration of the 100th birthdays of two of Dawg's Lloyd Loar F-5 model mandolins, the "Parrot" and "Crusher." Available only as a gift with the purchase of any of the Dawg Works series.

    Track Listing

    • Pigeon Roost
    • Jazzin' with Jazzbeaux
    • Dawgnation
    • Samson B. DeMille Grass (Sambino)*
    • Turn of the Century
    • The Prisoner's Waltz
    • Mill Valley Waltz*
    • Vintage Gintage Blues
    • Dawg After Dark
    • Morning Sun
    • Song for Two Pamelas
    • April's Wedding Bossa
    • Dawganova
    • Trinidadian Rag
    • Mando Bass Sonata Boogie
    • Why Did the Mouse Marry the Elephant?
    • Forgotten Folk*
    • Mando Harp Fantasy
    • Caprice for CM
    • Old Souls
    • New Deli Duo
    • New Steal

    * previously unissued


    From the recording, the track "Pigeon Roost."

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      Here's the album cover for the bonus recording you can get with the purchase of any Dawg Works series.

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      Link to the Happy Birthday Lloyd Loar.