• Neil Gladd Rereleases 1998 Recording Mandolin Night

    Mandolin Night by Neil Gladd

    HYATTSVILLE, MD — Classical mandolinist and composer Neil Gladd has announced the rerelease of his 1998 recording Mandolin Night on Bandcamp.

    The project includes two original compositions for the mandolin written 186 years apart! Johann Hoffman wrote a concerto and a number of chamber pieces for the mandolin. His duet for mandolin and violin was published in 1799, and was recorded from copies of the original parts in the British Library.

    "Mandolin Night" was written in 1985 by Pamela J. Marshall and was one of the first pieces to be written for Gladd. It incorporates duo-style (playing some notes with tremolo and other notes without tremolo, at the same time), plucking the strings with a finger, and scordatura. At the beginning of the piece, one of the E strings is tuned down to a C#, then while playing, one of the G strings is tuned down a quarter tone, for a short quarter tone passage, then it is tuned down further to an E flat for the remainder of the piece.


    From the recording, the opening track, "Johann Hoffman: Duetto in D, Op.1, no.3 (1799) I. Allegro moderato."

    Track Listing

    • Johann Hoffman: Duetto in D, Op.1, no.3 (1799) I. Allegro moderato
    • Johann Hoffman: Duetto in D, Op.1, no.3 (1799) II. Poco Adagio
    • Johann Hoffman: Duetto in D, Op.1, no.3 (1799) III. Rondo. Allegro moderato
    • Pamela J. Marshall: Mandolin Night (1985)

    About Neil Gladd

    Neil Gladd has appeared as a mandolin soloist at Carnegie Recital Hall, Merkin Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Institution, at mandolin festivals in Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Japan, as well as in recital in Canada, England, France and the U.S. He has appeared on national TV on the PBS American Experience series If You Knew Sousa and played mandolin parts for several orchestras.

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