• Isaac Eicher Announces Improvisation 101 Mega Pack Mandolin Lessons

    Isaac Eicher Announces new Improvisation 101 Mega Pack Jazz Mandolin Lessons

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Isaac Eicher, two-time national mandolin champion known for his interpretation of jazz, Latin music and other styles, has announced the releases of new online resources for jazz mandolin.

    "Improvisation 101" is intended as a mandolin lesson for students of all levels, from the beginners who are getting their feet wet in soloing to the advanced players who are looking for more rich harmonic and rhythmic ideas to add to their vocabulary. The lesson starts by providing a foundation in basic music theory looking at the key of G major and the associated scales and arpeggios that can be made with those notes.

    About the new course Eicher told us, "Improvisation 101 is a 'mega pack' because it has more supporting materials than my previous videos. The big new feature is play-along tracks over 8 different chord progressions in addition to extensive transcriptions of example solos. I think this is pretty unique offering in the world of mandolin instructional content so I'm excited to share with folks!

    The Eight Play-Along Tracks

    • G major (bluegrass)
    • D7 (bluegrass)
    • G to D7 (bluegrass)
    • G to D7 (jazz)
    • Am7 to D7 (jazz)
    • G to Am7 to D7 (jazz)
    • C major (bluegrass)
    • G C D G (bluegrass)

    Sample Video

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