• New Music: Le Passe-Temps by Jonathan Bélanger

    Le Passe-Temps by Jonathan Bélanger

    MONTREAL — Jonathan Bélanger has announced an October 7 released and September 16 pre-release of his new EP recording Le Passe-Temps.

    Founder of Mando Montreal, Bélanger sheds light on a musical style that originated in 1895 in Montreal with Le Passe-Temps, a musical periodical that published compositions for mandolin lovers. With the release of his EP, he shares his original arrangements of a musical style that is too little known, but that marked an entire era.

    On the project, Bélanger has teamed up with talented classical guitarist and co-producer
    Denis Ferland from Montreal. All the arrangements are original and the duo introduces us to a
    lively and elegant musical style that marked "La Belle Époque."

    Musician, performer and composer, Jonathan Bélanger has been devoting himself to his
    art for nearly 20 years. The mandolin is for him a passion and it is while travelling to Greece
    and Italy that he discovered the richness of his instrument. He then perfected his skills in the
    classical style in France.


    From the recording, the track "Clara Valse."

    Track Listing

    • La Belle de l’Aéroplane - A.Porcheron
    • Clara Valse - P.Lamoureux (1870-1957)
    • L’Adieu de Pierrot - E.Carrosio (1866-1914)
    • Julia - C.d’Alessio (1869-1944)
    • Gigue - P.Lamoureux (1870-1957)

    Additional Information

    Jonathan Bélanger
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    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Beautiful. Lovely tone and expression, too. Bravo!
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      DavidKOS -
      Very sweet! Thank you.