• New Music from Petri Hakala & Timo Alakotila - Mandolin Concerto

    Petri Hakala & Timo Alakotila - Mandolin Concerto

    FINLAND — Petri Hakala on mandolin and Timo Alakotila on piano, have announced the release of Mandolin Concerto along with a cast of greats that includes Roger Tallroth, guitar; Siiri Virkkala, 1st violin; Esko Järvelä, 2nd violin; Mauno Järvelä, viola and Marion Göbel, cello.

    Composer and pianist Timo Alakotila's mandolin concerto for mandolinist Petri Hakala was composed and premiered in 2014. On the album, Hakala plays the concerto accompanied by a quartet of frontline musicians.

    About the project, pianist Timo Alakotila commented, "Petri and I have played together for about thirty years. I was very pleased that he wanted to do this collaboration. The concerto composition was inspired by Petri's innovative and engaging playing style. My dream has been for years to combine a rich sound of a string quartet with a swinging rhythm. By this ensemble, my dream comes true."

    Petri Hakala added, "In the concerto, folkish violin melodies and chamber music gestures are naturally joined together. Improvisation and solos, which are important elements also in my playing, are present in every part of the concerto. Roger Tallroth supplements the entirety nicely, acting as a swing motor. A concerto like this has not been heard before, as far as I know."


    From the recording, Movement 1 : Polska Allegro.

    Track Listing

    • Movement 1 : Polska Allegro
    • Movement 2 : Polska Larghetto
    • Movement 3 : Danza
    • Eeden
    • Polska from Concerto Grosso
    • Green Score
    • Matka

    For those interested in a physical CD you can contact the artists through their Bandcamp page linked below.

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    1. mandocrucian's Avatar
      mandocrucian -
      Bravo Petri, Timo!
    1. mandrian's Avatar
      mandrian -
      Excellent. Never really took to the famous classical music written for mandolin, but liked that. More of a chamber music feel.

    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Wonderful! Kudos, Petri and Timo.
    1. J Walsh's Avatar
      J Walsh -
      this is so so great!!! loving the record