• New Music - Rhythm Twist by Stiernberg, Price, Ruby & Kehrberg

    Stiernberg, Price, Ruby & Kehrberg - Rhythm Twist

    "Rhythm Twist," a new recording featuring Don Stiernberg on mandolin, Greg Ruby on guitar, Evan Price on violin and Kevin Kehrberg on bass is set for a September 2 release date.

    About the recording, guitarist Greg Ruby told us, "This project was created while 'sheltering in place' during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Each musician composed one song and arranged two others. Passing charts, tracks and ideas between the four of us, we created something unique and collective. Not only did this project help us maintain a sense of sanity, ground us in creativity but it kept us in touch with each other while riding out a very strange period of human history."

    Don Stiernberg added, "The four of us have enjoyed playing together for quite a few years, starting with sitting in on one another's sets at The Swannanoa Gathering, then adding live gigs in Asheville, Durham, and beyond. We're all into various styles, with the common thread being things that swing. Greg got the idea to make a recording, we all jumped onboard in a nanosecond. Parts were recorded individually in San Francisco, Chicago, Asheville, and NYC. Coast to coast! We feel that what brings us together as players is represented in these tracks: spontaneity, conversation, and swinging good vibes."


    From the recording, the title track, "Rhythm Twist."

    Track Listing

    • Rhythm Twist - Evan Price
    • Sweet Cobra - Greg Ruby
    • Look Down That Lonesome Road - Nathaniel Shilkret, arr. Don Stiernberg
    • Some Of These Days - Shelton Brooks, arr. Evan Price
    • Indian Summer - Victor Herbert, arr. Evan Price
    • Waltz of the Danube Iosif Ivanovici, arr. Greg Ruby
    • There'll Be Some Changes Made - Benton Overstreet, arr. Don Stiernberg
    • Andalucía - Ernesto Lecouna, arr. Kevin Kehrberg
    • Swinganoa - Don Stiernberg
    • Nocturne - Frederic Chopin arr. Kevin Kehrberg
    • The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise - Ernest Seitz arr. Greg Ruby
    • For Sal - Kevin Kehrberg

    About the Musicians

    Evan Price plays with The Hot Club of San Francisco and a handful of other ensembles. His violin expertise extends from every type of jazz to baroque and classical. He also is a composer and mixed this record. Greg Ruby is a respected master of playing and teaching swing guitar. Having started with the premiere Gypsy Jazz group Pearl Django, Greg now freelances all over NYC and the East Coast, playing and arranging hot swing music and surf music. Kevin Kehrberg is professor of string bass at Warren Wilson College and tours with the eclectic bluegrass band Zoe and Cloyd.

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    1. mandolinfox's Avatar
      mandolinfox -
      I already pre-ordered my copy. I have to keep my Don Stiernberg collection up-to-date !
    1. John Soper's Avatar
      John Soper -
      There are many good notes on this CD. Even though the tracks were recorded in isolation, the whole project swings and sounds very spontaneous. And somehow Mandolin Cafe forgot to thumbnail Don - guess he needs no introduction to members of the Cafe!
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Not an oversight. Redundant on a mandolin web site that's been in business 28 years to include in news articles quotes like "about David Grisman...," "about Chris Thile...," "about Mike Marshall..." Isn't going to happen. If someone stumbles along that doesn't know who they are, I'm totally OK with that. For anyone that doesn't agree, its pretty much always been that way and isn't going to change. C'est la vie.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Brilliant. A must-have for any collection. Thanks for this, MC.
    1. tmsweeney's Avatar
      tmsweeney -
      Welcome to the land of acoustic swing, what a view for our ears!