• New Music - The Swannanoa Sessions by Daniel Ullom

    The Swannanoa Sessions, by Daniel Ullom

    PUYALLUP, WASH. — Daniel Ullom has announced the release of The Swannanoa Sessions, his debut recording featuring an all-star cast of bluegrass and old-time musicians from North Carolina.

    About the recording, Ullom said, "As a mandolin player, not knowing the difference between old-time and bluegrass camps can mean a lonely time. If you get fired up by an old-time tune and transcend the melody for a few bars, you're likely to watch the pickers slowly walk off without a word. Or if you decide to jump on a melody with a bluegrass picker, they might think you're stealing their thunder and push you off stage. It doesn't have to be this way, though. The mandolin can sound just as at home in an old-time stringband as it does in a hard-driving bluegrass band. This album celebrates the music where these two camps meet and showcases how I think the mandolin fits into it all.

    "The first thing I wanted to do with this album was play mandolin with some of my favorite fiddlers," Ullom said. To that end, he asked Lindsay Pruett, Tatiana Hargreaves (who produced the album), Rob Fong and John Duncan. The backing band on the album is comprised of Nick Dauphinais on guitar, Derek Vaden on banjo and Celia Millington-Wyckoff on bass.

    On the album Ullom plays a 2018 Wienman F5 mandolin.


    From the recording, the track "Durang's Hornpipe."

    Track Listing

    • Intro
    • Wild Horse
    • Durang's Hornpipe
    • Curtains of Night
    • Interlude #2
    • Kentucky Mandolin
    • Hollow Poplar
    • Fisher's Hornpipe
    • Wild Hog in the Woods
    • You'll Find Her Name Written There
    • Grey Eagle
    • Interlude #2
    • There's Another Baby Waiting For Me

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    1. Todd Bowman's Avatar
      Todd Bowman -
      Picked it up on bandcamp this morning! I think it accomplishes just what you set out to do with the mandolin in old-time & bluegrass! Love the vibe! Takes me back to the gathering! Bravo!!