• The Art of Tap Tuning, 2nd Edition, by Roger Siminoff

    The Art of Tap Tuning, 2nd Edition, by Roger Siminoff

    ATASCADERO, CALIF. — Siminoff Books has announced the publication of The Art of Tap Tuning, 2nd edition, by Roger Siminoff, an in-depth treatise how to build great sounding acoustic stringed instruments by voicing their structure.

    Originally released in 2006, this 2nd edition and supporting 55-minute video have been fully revised and updated. The 76-page fully-illustrated text features a background on musical acoustics.


    • How strings produce sound
    • How soundboards and backboards work
    • The features of bracing and tone bar configurations
    • How tap tuning works
    • Selecting tap tuning tools and equipment
    • How and where to tap
    • Shaving and shaping tone bars and braces to adjust their pitch
    • Modifying f-holes and soundholes to perfect the voice of the air chamber
    • An overview of deflection tuning

    The text is supported by a 55-minute on-line video loaded with tap tuning tests and demonstrations to help you better understand the tools and techniques of voicing and tap tuning. The last segment shows in detail how to tune the tone bars of an F5 mandolin. The video can be streamed to any computer or hand-held device via a secure access code.

    With more than 60 years of experience as a luthier and author of six books on musical instrument construction, Siminoff explains how to voice great-sounding acoustic stringed instruments with consistency and repeatability.

    $34.95 plus P&H. Available from Siminoff Books, Straight Up Strings, and soon from better luthierie supply shops.

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