• The North American Guitar and Carter Vintage Guitars Merge

    The North American Guitar and Carter Vintage Guitars merge to bring the world's finest guitars to players and collectors around the globe. The two independent guitar companies will work together to shape the future of the high-end and vintage guitar market ensuring that guitar lovers no matter their location can access the best guitars the world has to offer.

    The North American Guitar

    Carter Vintage Guitars

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Two of the world's leading independent guitar stores, The North American Guitar (TNAG) and Carter Vintage Guitars (CVG), have announced they have merged.

    Carter Vintage Guitars will become part of The North American Guitar and together they will pursue a shared mission to bring the world's finest guitars and instruments to players, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide. CVG co-founders Walter and Christie Carter will remain at the helm of the vintage instrument operations from their iconic location in Music City, Tennessee.

    By combining TNAG's expertise in luthier-built instruments and the premium guitar market, along with CVG's extensive vintage inventory and expertise, the partnership will create an unprecedented online and in-store guitar-buying experience for discerning musicians.

    "Partnering with CVG truly is an honor, but it's also a strategic decision as we are not only bringing together two of the most respected guitar brands but two that are inherently complementary," says TNAG's CEO, Ben Montague.

    "TNAG has worked over the last 10 years to develop the premium guitar market and to reshape how collectors and players source, play, and eventually, sell high-end instruments. Carter Vintage Guitars has the same philosophy in the vintage world and so this partnership really is about bringing together two trusted brands that will work together to build the future of our wonderful premium guitar market."

    "TNAG has set the standard for the modern guitar business in providing buyers with a friendly, personal online experience. We've always aimed to be Nashville's friendliest guitar store, and TNAG will help us take that to the next level," says CVG co-founder, Christie Carter.

    The North American Guitar was founded in 2010 in London, UK, by Ben Montague and his father Robert Montage, CBE. In 2019, TNAG acquired Nashville's longest standing music store, Cotten Music Centre. As part of the 2019 acquisition, TNAG relocated its HQ to Music City, Tennessee, to build out its mission of delivering the world's finest guitars to players around the globe.

    "I bought my son's first guitar in 1988 from Cotten Music, the guitar shop that became TNAG in Nashville," says CVG co-founder, Walter Carter."History is the foundation of our business and we're thrilled to be a part of the music store with the longest legacy in Nashville. TNAG is the perfect partner to deliver the world's finest guitars to players and collectors everywhere."

    Joining these two guitar powerhouses will create the ultimate online destination for the world's finest guitars and instruments."

    About The North American Guitar

    TNAG is a family-founded business started by a father and son with the goal of bringing the world's finest guitars to enthusiasts around the globe. Representing the most skilled luthiers and handmade guitar brands, TNAG is the number one destination for boutique and custom guitars for discerning players and collectors alike, both online and in their Nashville showroom."

    About Carter Vintage Guitars

    CVG is one of the most respected brands in the vintage instrument business. Also a family-founded company, CVG was created by a husband-and-wife duo who bring 50+ years of collective industry experience and unmatched historical knowledge of fretted instruments. Walter and Christie Carter are legendary supporters of musicians and enthusiasts of the instruments they play."

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    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      Wow, this is huge! That should be quite the juggernaut in Nashville...

      Best of luck to you all...
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      There's a fairly decent list of FAQs at the end of the similar article on the NAG web site.

    1. sgarrity's Avatar
      sgarrity -
    1. Mojo's Avatar
      Mojo -
      Hard to see a PE’s expansion in the vintage and high end market as a good thing for most players.
    1. Charles Johnson's Avatar
      Charles Johnson -
      This is going to completely change the guitar scene in Nashville. Two great companies - I have had dealings with them both.
    1. rcc56's Avatar
      rcc56 -
      Ummm, maybe.
      Or maybe not very much.

      It'll be interesting to watch.
    1. rcc56's Avatar
      rcc56 -
      It does look like they are considering the practicality of combining both stores under one roof.
      Both stores have limited space. Nashville real estate is getting quite expensive. We'll see what happens.
    1. penguins0141's Avatar
      penguins0141 -
      Hope the artists and players benefit from this.