• Hoffee Cases Launches New Line of Fiberglass Touring Cases

    Hoffee Cases Launches New Line of Fiberglass Touring Cases

    JOLIET ILL. — Already renowned for its touring-tough custom carbon-fiber stringed instrument cases, Hoffee Cases has announced a new line of fiberglass instrument carrying cases called The Roadie.

    These new cases for guitars (mandolin and banjo available later this year) join Hoffee's lineup of superior protection cases for stringed instruments.

    "The new Roadie flight cases are made with a durable textured finish and available at a lower price point," said Jeff Hoffee, President. "Some of our customers have asked for that, and we've responded. Available in a choice of exterior colors and black interiors, they will have the same hardware and design as all Hoffee cases. The weight difference is only about 20 percent more than our carbon-fiber cases which still makes them lighter than other fiberglass cases on the market.

    "Of course, we continue to build our custom-fitted carbon fiber cases, but this new line will allow customers to have ultimate protection for their instruments at a very competitive price."

    Guitar cases are available now and priced at $900. Roadie cases for mandolin and banjo, available later this year, will be priced at $600 for mandolin and $800 for banjo.

    The new Roadie cases, like other custom Hoffee Cases, are built to order and fitted to the user's specific instrument. All Hoffee cases feature an array of colors and finishes, superior protection and plush, snug interiors to cradle prized instruments.

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      darylcrisp -
      looks very nice!

      like to see the inside, and wish they offered a lighter color interior vs the black-maybe later?