• New Music in Print and eBook from John Goodin - Stumbling On

    Stumbling On - John Goodin

    John Goodin has announced the release of Stumbling On, a collection of 47 original compositions for mandolin presented in standard notation, with guitar chords for each tune.

    Many of the tunes in the collection include a basic harmony part. Using two mandolins (or other melody instruments) and a guitar (or other chordal instrument) allows three or more players to enjoy the pleasure of group music-making.

    The book contains 18 reels (meant to be played as fast or slow as the reader prefers), 10 jigs, 10 waltzes, 6 "walking" tunes, one march, one rag and a schottische.

    Please note: print copies are available for $25 for a limited time and only for customers in the U.S. Otherwise, PDF copies are available for $10.


    A sample composition from the book played by the author entitled "One for the Team."


    • Assisi Heights (Walking)
    • Blairs' Waltz (Waltz)
    • Blevins March (March)
    • Blue Basket (Reel)
    • Boatload of Knowledge (Reel)
    • Carol and Paul 2 (Waltz)
    • Clark's Delight (Reel)
    • Decorah Harvest Waltz (Waltz)
    • Dug Road Rag (Rag)
    • Easter Fool (Schottische)
    • Emma the Baker (Jig)
    • Little Bread (Reel)
    • Fifty Years On (Waltz)
    • Fine Times On Fess (Reel)
    • Hoosier Clockmaker (Jig)
    • How Many Moons (Walking)
    • Lost in the Sugar Bowl (Reel)
    • Market in May (Reel)
    • Mask of Mystery (Walking)
    • Morning Shade (Jig)
    • Mr. Voyles of Crandall (Waltz)
    • New Hat (Jig)
    • October Snow (Jig)
    • One for the Team (Reel)
    • Orngards' (Reel)
    • Paul Johnson's Quickstep (Reel)
    • Red Fox Crossing (Reel)
    • Return to Gale Woods (Jig)
    • Road to Gnaw Bone (Reel)
    • Robert Owen's Quickstep (Reel)
    • Rosie and Earl (Waltz)
    • Ruby and Gold (Waltz)
    • Saturday Social (Reel)
    • Sign Me Up (Jig)
    • Sleepy Hollow (Reel)
    • Slow Waltz for Peter O. (Waltz)
    • St. Feriole Island Jig (Jig)
    • St. Francis and the Bunny (Waltz)
    • St. Francis Walks at Night (Walking)
    • Stumbling On (Jig)
    • Suzy On the Loose (Reel)
    • Three to Get Ready (Reel)
    • Trout Run (Reel)
    • Winter Done Gone (Walking)
    • Winter Waltz 2018 (Waltz)
    • Winter Window Sun (Jig)
    • Yew Sunday (Walking)

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