• TraqFreq - First Musical Instrument Tracker App Monitors Playing, Climate and Supplies

    A new bluetooth tracker that monitors playing, climate and supplies.

    BELLVUE, WASH. — TraqFreq has launched the first musical instrument tracker that monitors playing, climate and supplies.

    Available for iOS and Android, TraqFreq is a small bluetooth device that attaches to the inside or outside of musical instruments. It automatically tracks when and how long you play, the number of songs, sets and more. It monitors the temperature and humidity and provides an analysis of climate data specifically for musical instruments. It tracks the lifespan of supplies (e.g., strings and bows) based on actual playing time. TraqFreq supports most non-percussive instruments, and is designed for musicians of all skill levels.

    Never before has it been possible to automatically track when and how long you play. Being able to view this data with various charts opens up a new way to analyze playing time. Musicians can study and evaluate playing behavior, frequency and consistency; stay motivated and reach goals; identify and regulate healthy lengths of practice and break time to recover from and/or prevent injuries; parents and teachers can keep in touch with student progress as they learn to play musical instruments.

    Keeping track of supplies was a manual process, using spreadsheets or other means, to document an estimate of supply lifespan based on only the logged timespan. TraqFreq can now precisely and automatically track supply lifespan based on actual playing time.

    Musicians typically analyze temperature and humidity charts to determine the severity of climate conditions affecting their instruments. For instance, if the temperature or humidity is too high or too low for too long or changing too fast. TraqFreq introduces the concept of a climate index — a score of a collection of rules specific to musical instruments — one number that represents the severity of the climate conditions affecting an instrument.

    TraqFreq launched May 24 and is now available.

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      Baboon -
      Just tried it and got nowhere. One of the first things the app does is "send you a code" and then it fails to send it. I can't find any reviews.
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      TraqFreq -

      Please check your spam folder and see if its there. Otherwise, go to our contact form and we'll have someone contact you.