• New Music from The Foreign Landers - Put All Your Troubles Away

    The Foreign Landers - Put All Your Troubles Away

    David and Tabitha Benedict as the duo The Foreign Landers have announced a May 10 release of their debut EP entitled Put All Your Troubles Away.

    About the new recording the duo told us, "This EP is a collection of material we started working up during the beginning of lockdown in 2020 while we were stranded in Northern Ireland for about 6 months. This period has been a difficult time for many, but through it all we've been so thankful to be together. We hope that this music encourages you, and helps us all put all our troubles away."

    For now the release is available as a pre-order in digital format only on Bandcamp.


    From the EP, Tabitha's composition "Finn's Rescue."

    Track Listing

    • I'm Not Sayin'
    • Finn's Rescue
    • The Leaves So Green
    • Song for Riddle
    • Knowing You
    • Put All Your Troubles Away

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    1. atbuckner21's Avatar
      atbuckner21 -
      This is wonderful on every level. Bravo David and Tabitha for making the world brighter with your talent, depth, and creativity!
    1. Michael Romkey's Avatar
      Michael Romkey -
      These two are insanely talented and disciplined. Preorder!
    1. mingusb1's Avatar
      mingusb1 -
      Sounds great, looking forward to hearing it. Our son Finn was born just before the lockdown. I guess he sort of rescued us!
    1. withfoam's Avatar
      withfoam -
      Really great video. Pre-ordered immediately after. Looking forward to it!
    1. darylcrisp's Avatar
      darylcrisp -
      absolutely wonderful!

    1. blacktop's Avatar
      blacktop -
      Refreshing on both the instrumental and the video. Thank you!
    1. giannisgrass's Avatar
      giannisgrass -
      Title song helps me make it through some difficult stuff... Thanks David!
    1. Ranger Bob's Avatar
      Ranger Bob -
      Foreign Landers hit this one out of the park!
    1. gfury's Avatar
      gfury -
      Well done! Beautiful!
    1. Johnny60's Avatar
      Johnny60 -
      That's a lovely song, and the musicianship is great!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      I love that she sings the Lightfoot song. Such great music by these talented musicians.
    1. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
      Dagger Gordon -
      There is a lovely flow and bright attractive sound to Finn's Rescue. Really catchy piece of music. Good luck to them.
    1. John Kelly's Avatar
      John Kelly -
      Proof that good things come out of lockdown. Good listening.
    1. Markkunkel's Avatar
      Markkunkel -
      Gordon Lightfoot and fresh eager together talent! Doesn't get much better than that. I was waiting for the segue into "Ribbon of Darkness," though...

      Thanks for bringing good loving energy to the world!
    1. lflngpicker's Avatar
      lflngpicker -
      Just listened to Finn’s Rescue and loved it! I hadn’t known the back story of being stranded in Ireland due to the pandemic! Wow, you surely made the best of your time creating this original, inspiring music.
    1. J.C. Bryant's Avatar
      J.C. Bryant -
      Yep!!! Sounds good! Feels Good! Is Good!
    1. Lorenzo LaRue's Avatar
      Lorenzo LaRue -
      ....David and Tabitha, you are just as smooth as a chocolate malt goin' down. And David is, I swear, just the smoothest cross-picker I've ever heard....
    1. EvanElk's Avatar
      EvanElk -
      brilliant musicians, lovely folks
    1. Mando Mafia's Avatar
      Mando Mafia -
      I will be interviewing David and Tabitha on my radio show on WTJU Charlottesville, VA about The Foreign Landers recording friday May 21st at 4pm US EDT. The show will also be archived on the WTJU website for two weeks following the broadcast. We’ll play cuts from the new album during the interview, and I’ll round out the two hour show with selections from David’s solo projects, Mile Twelve, Midnight Skyracer (Tabitha’s Anglo Irish all female BG band)and Cup O’ Joe (family band with Tabitha, her two brothers, and David). Tune in from anywhere at https://www.wtju.net/