• New Music by James McNulty - Firecracker Day

    James McNulty - Firecracker Day

    VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — James McNulty has announced the release of a solo album of original compositions entitled Firecracker Day, available from Bandcamp.

    McNulty, playing his Red Diamond F-5 mandolin is joined by an all-star lineup of some of the best bluegrass musicians in Canada.


    From the album, the title track "Firecracker Day."

    Track Listing

    • Firecracker Day
    • Crow Down The Chimney
    • Emigrants Waltz
    • La Chuparossa
    • River City Ramble
    • Moose In The Meadow
    • Colquitz Creek
    • Spanish Banks
    • Turtle On the Highway
    • Tyrone
    • Down Through The Years
    • Nootka Street Mazurkas
    • Steeltown

    Supporting Musicians

    • Greg Spatz, fiddle
    • Trent Freeman, fiddle
    • Caridwen-Irvine Spatz, fiddle
    • John Reischman, octave mandolin
    • Nick Hornbuckle, banjo
    • Garry Stevenson, guitar
    • Tammy Fassaert, bass
    • Valerie Bailey, bass
    • Miles Zurawell, Dobro

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    1. j4music's Avatar
      j4music -
      Great instrumental album. Lots of talent here. Perfect listening on a lazy Saturday morning while avoiding the chores.