• 2021 Monroe Mandolin Camp Mandolin and Banjo Video Scholarship Winners Announced

    MONTEAGLE, TENN. — The 2021 Monroe Mandolin Camp organizers have announced the winners of their mandolin Mandolin and Banjo video scholarships.

    The competition was open to candidates of any age with entrants uploading a video of themselves playing a Bill Monroe tune or instrumental to YouTube for evaluation by camp judges.

    Contestants were judged on four categories including: Authenticity, Execution, Difficulty, and Technique. This year's crop of scholarship recipients in mandolin and banjo prove that the state of bluegrass is indeed alive and well.

    Winner of the Mandolin competition and a $300 camp scholarship was Wyatt Ellis of Maryville, Tenn. who performed Monroe's "Tanyards" for his submission.

    Second place and a $200 scholarship was awarded to Maria McArthur of Tuscon who played "Big Mon," with Keller Campbell from Pegram, Tenn. picking up third place and a $100 scholarship with a performance of "Rawhide."

    The Encouragement Award went to 10 yr. old Jillian Halstead of Fitchburg, Wisc. with her version of "Farewell to Long Hollow."

    Banjo winners included first place to Nathan Sykes of Kingsport, Tenn. with second place going to Dante Limon of White Bluff, Tenn.

    Underwriting for the scholarships was provided by Carter Vintage Guitars, Gilchrist Mandolins, The Violin Shop, and Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments.

    The 8th Annual Monroe Mandolin Camp. Camp takes place September 15-19, 2021 at the DuBose Conference Center in Monteagle with classes in all the quintessential bluegrass band instruments.

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