• New Music from Ethan Setiawan - Live at Club Passim

    Ethan Setiawan - Live at Club Passim

    CAMBRIDGE, MASS.Live at Club Passim is the title of a new self-releases project from Ethan Setiawan.

    About the recording Ethan told us, "In the middle of a pandemic, Matt Smith of Club Passim made available to artists a massive backlog of live recordings from Passim. I stumbled across two shows the year I put out a record and toured it. Listening back, it's abundantly clear what a good thing we had going on and how much I love making music with all these people."

    Track Listing

    • Uncrossed
    • Arthur
    • Skräplandschottis
    • Horserace Rapids
    • Booth Shot Lincoln
    • Back & Forth
    • Telluride
    • Lamplight
    • Old Beech Leaves
    • Untitled


    From the recording, the track "Telluride."


    Tracks 1-6 recorded 4/15/18

    • Julian Pinelli - fiddle
    • Dan Klingsberg - bass
    • Ethan Hawkins - guitar

    Tracks 7-10 recorded 11/7/18

    • Julian Pinelli - fiddle
    • Dan Klingsberg - bass
    • Sam Leslie - guitar

    Track 7 features

    • Sam Leslie - mandolin
    • Korey Brodsky - guitar

    Tracks 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 written by Ethan Setiawan
    Track 3 written by Mikael Marin (NCB Scandinavia)
    Track 4 written by Laurel Premo (Laurel Jean Premo BMI)
    Tracks 6, 9 traditional
    Track 7 written by David Grisman (Dawg Music BMI)

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