• Andrew Marlin Set to Release Two All-Original Acoustic Instrumental Albums

    Andrew Marlin - Witching Hour
    Witching Hour

    Andrew Marlin - Fable & Fire
    Fable & Fire

    Following the highly acclaimed Buried in a Cape, Andrew Marlin is set to release two full-length instrumental projects featuring his original compositions.

    Witching Hour and Fable & Fire were created during and partially in response to the pandemic, a time when instrumental compositions freely emerged from Marlin's creative process.

    Both albums are currently available for pre-order with Witching Hour being released on most major platforms, streaming and download, on February 5, with Fable & Fire following February 19.

    About Fable & Fire Marlin said, "Amidst global trauma, it's difficult to feel like your own experience is unique and relevant. Fable & Fire is a sonic account of how the journey within has no destination. It's like looking at the stars and knowing you'll never touch them, or believing in magic and seeing it for what it isn't. It's the bones of emotion dug up and rearranged in the shape of sanctuary. It's the much needed eye contact from a friend in a wordless moment. This is my most honest work to date and without saying anything it somehow says it all."

    Track Listing - Witching Hour

    • Fireflies and Fairy Dust
    • Hawk Is A Mule
    • Pellinore's Ride
    • Woodland Star
    • Just A Pup
    • Lake On The Island
    • Milk Drunk
    • Too Hot To Move
    • Witching Hour
    • Snowblind On Snoopy Hill
    • Jenny And The Dulac

    Witching Hour Credits

    • Andrew Marlin - Mandolin, 12-string Guitar (tracks 6, 10)
    • Josh Oliver - Guitar
    • Jordan Tice - Guitar (tracks 2, 4)
    • Christian Sedelmyer - Fiddle
    • Clint Mullican - Bass, Water Phone (track 11)
    • Brittney Haas - Fiddle (track 11)

    Track Listing - Fable & Fire

    • Stormy Point / Back of Beyond / The Seamstress
    • Erie Fiddler
    • Salter Path / Throes Of Night
    • The Jaybird
    • Farewell To Holly Bluff / The Watch House
    • Oxcart Man
    • Leeward Shore / Crooked Road To Bracey
    • Fable & Fire
    • Nights of Wesley
    • The Old Pine Box

    Fable & Fire Credits

    • Andrew Marlin - Mandolin
    • Josh Oliver - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, 12 String Guitar, Banjo
    • Jordan Tice - Guitar, Bouzouki
    • Christian Sedelmyer - Fiddle
    • Clint Mullican - Bass
    • Nat Smith - Cello

    Additional Information

    Andrew Marlin
    Comments 21 Comments
    1. Kevin Winn's Avatar
      Kevin Winn -

      Can't wait!
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      We typically don't comment about personal feelings on most releases but must make exception here. This is music that matters, some of the finest and emotionally moving we've heard in awhile. Very highly recommended. Fortunate to have private tracks to both albums.
    1. Aaron Woods's Avatar
      Aaron Woods -
      I look forward to enjoying this music. Andrew always brings fresh compositions and great collaborators.
      Andrew and Emily and Mandolin Orange have always made me a more articulate listener and now when the world is non-stop yelling at itself, screaming in fact, I'm happy to listen to folks who are saying things, as Andrew notes, wordlessly. Bravo... and thank you.
    1. Doug Freeman's Avatar
      Doug Freeman -
      Only "problem" with this is we don't get his great singing voice! His description of Fable & Fire, though, is poetry in itself. And these cuts sound exactly like that.
    1. danielpatrick's Avatar
      danielpatrick -
      These albums are both incredible!
    1. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
      Cheryl Watson -
      Very, very nice. These instrumentals should be utilized in movies and documentaries.
    1. Leester's Avatar
      Leester -
      This is great news. I was just listening to Mandolin Orange this morning and thinking that I've got to get some more of this music. Here is an opportunity!
    1. EvanElk's Avatar
      EvanElk -
      Andrew Marlin is a great artist and a national treasure. Love the new material...can't wait for the rest to be released
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Beautiful tunes. We could all use more beautiful music. Sounds like he's playing an oval hole on the first tune above?
    1. giannisgrass's Avatar
      giannisgrass -
      Second track.. WOW!
    1. mingusb1's Avatar
      mingusb1 -
      Talk about tonality!
    1. Brandon John Foote's Avatar
      Brandon John Foote -
    1. sgarrity's Avatar
      sgarrity -
      Beautiful, expressive music. I remember reading somewhere that he wrote most of these tunes on his A2 but used the Loar for the recordings.
    1. CBFrench's Avatar
      CBFrench -
      I really like Andrews playing and what he hears, I'm sure this all will be excellent...and I would really really like to hear Emily featured on a album(s) her and Andrew are a musical match made in heaven...
    1. Jan Skovajsa's Avatar
      Jan Skovajsa -
      Just beautiful!
    1. Gelsenbury's Avatar
      Gelsenbury -
      This sounds great! I'm definitely pre-ordering.
    1. Al Trujillo's Avatar
      Al Trujillo -
    1. SammyV's Avatar
      SammyV -
      Witching Hour is out today
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Fable & Fire is now officially released today. What a collection of music these two recordings!