• Winter Virtual Mandolin Camp with Alan Bibey, Don Stiernberg, David Surette and Matt Flinner

    Winter Virtual Mandolin Camp with Alan Bibey, Don Stiernberg, David Surette and Matt Flinner

    RIPTON, VT. — Registration for Matt Flinner's Winter Virtual Mandolin Camp held January 29-31 has opened. The three-day online camp features Alan Bibey, Don Stiernberg, David Surette along with Flinner.

    Each day, students will be able to attend any and all class sessions offered from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, as well as instructor performances Friday and Saturday nights and a final virtual jam session Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. Students will receive all written materials from each instructor in PDF form via email.

    The registration fee for the Winter Virtual Mandolin Camp is $125, which gives students access to all live sessions, written materials and streaming recordings of all sessions after-the-fact. Genres covered will include everything from bluegrass and swing to Celtic mandolin styles.

    All courses will be geared toward a general intermediate ability level; instructors will assume that students know basic chords and can play at least a few tunes.

    Students will only be able to see and hear the instructor(s) during the class sessions, but they can request to have their microphone unmuted and/or webcam turned on in order to ask questions via audio and video as well. Questions will be entertained throughout each class session and especially during the afternoon workshop sessions. Students are encouraged to make the sessions as interactive as they want to.

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    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      Signed up, this should be very good.
    1. Bill McCall's Avatar
      Bill McCall -
      Quote Originally Posted by AlanN View Post
      Signed up, this should be very good.
      The summer one was. David was a pleasant surprise for a non Celtic guy. Fan of Alan, Don and Matt.

      And no audible noodling like a camp or workshop
    1. Mandobar's Avatar
      Mandobar -
      Wanna learn Irish/Celtic/Breton, the David Surette is the MAN! The triplet/ornament king, and a heck of a cittern player.
    1. David Surette's Avatar
      David Surette -
      Plus Matt and I are having a contest to see who can be the scruffiest-looking mando player! I think I can beat him.
    1. Todd Bowman's Avatar
      Todd Bowman -
      I'm signed up and ready to compete on the scruffiest!
    1. David Surette's Avatar
      David Surette -
      Hey, for you Celtic AND non-Celtic cats, these are the workshops I am teaching, in case it helps encourage you to check it out next weekend.

      Modal tunes in Celtic Music (Friday): We will look at the Dorian and Mixolydian modes both as they relate to their parent major scale, and their individual qualities, structure, and mood. The tunes will be dance tunes from Brittany: a Laride, Pach-pi Koz, and the march Son Ar Rost (The Roast Tune).

      Triplet ornamentation (Saturday): We will learn how to execute (without massacring) the single, double, and triple-note picked triplets, using both an Irish reel (Devanney's Goat) and an Irish jig (The Rolling Waves). We will look at how to place them on different beats, and how to use them tastefully.

      2 and 3-string chords (Sunday): Using both the major scale and the Dorian and Mixolydian modes as starting points, we will demonstrate different strum and pick patterns for accompaniment, both for the mandolin and the cittern/bouzouki/octave mandolin. The chords will make extensive use of open drone strings, and we will use the tunes from the other two workshops as examples to accompany.