• New Music from Acoustic Remnant - Sliding Ida

    Acoustic Remnant - Sliding Ida

    PORTLAND, OR — Dennis Benjamin and Steve Mullins, two childhood friends take separate musical paths, uniting after years to join together in the recording of the instrumental EP by their group Acoustic Remnant entitled Sliding Ida.


    From the EP the title track Sliding Ida.

    Track Listing

    • Sliding Ida
    • Sisters of the Spring
    • Drops 'n Dew
    • Friars Fair
    • Longfellow's Swing

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    1. EvanElk's Avatar
      EvanElk -
      Great tune and really nice playing. Congrats!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Great playing and tune-writing Dennis and Steve! Very cool music! Enjoying the EP.
    1. Old Growth's Avatar
      Old Growth -
      Thanks guys, much appreciated. Steve Mullins is a world class musician.