• New Music from Jozef Scheiner - La Mando, Dedicated to the Mandola

    Jozef Scheiner -  La Mando

    Slovak mandolinist Jozef Scheiner has announced the release of a new album entitled La Mando, dedicated to mandola. Scheiner presents his own compositions, recorded in the company of musicians from the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic playing an H-5 mandola that was specially crafted for this project by Czech luthier Miroslav Váňa.

    About the new project Scheiner told us: "I fell in love with the magical sound of the mandola three years ago. I decided to make some compositions for the mandola and other instruments - pieces that reflect my inner world. And I experimented a bit. I must say that I was surrounded by the right people. The whole process was a teamwork effort. I would like to thank once again to all those who took part in this project. I hope this album will bring a little joy into people's lives in these difficult times."


    From the album, the track "Baroque."

    Track Listing

    • Shlapanitsa
    • Baroque
    • Eagle
    • Kupalinka
    • Croagh Patrick
    • Dark Swing
    • Wind
    • elamoR
    • Time

    The Musicians

    • Jozef "Dodo" Scheiner (mandola)
    • Tibor Feledi (hammond)
    • Juraj Griglák (double bass, bass guitar, fretless bass guitar)
    • Peter Korman (double bass)
    • Ladislav Muroň (flute, shawm)
    • Stanislav Palúch (violin)
    • Igor "Ajdži" Sabo (drums, percussion)
    • Peter Szabados (dobro, pedal steel guitar)
    • Michal Vavro (guitar)

    Cover: painting by Richard "Tykva" Benčík. Graphic design by Martin Scheiner. Music video by Zuzana Rybárová Slančíková. Recorded in Birdland Studios. Mixed and mastered by Peter Szabados. Special advisor: mandolinist Jan Skovajsa

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    1. Michael Romkey's Avatar
      Michael Romkey -
      Wow. Nice music!
    1. Glassweb's Avatar
      Glassweb -
      Sounds like David Grisman meets Chick Corea! Very nice playing and writing...
    1. Jozef's Avatar
      Jozef -
      Hi everybody!

      Following the release of a digital La Mando album in December, we are pleased to announce that a CD is out now.



    1. DougC's Avatar
      DougC -
      Seems like I've been waiting for this music for a long time. The updated version of the Dave Grisman Quartet with flute. These guys must have studied at the feet of Darol Anger and Tony Rice because they sure sound like them. Very nice stuff - and mandola. Wohoo!
    1. tmsweeney's Avatar
      tmsweeney -
      Very cool and great playing, the Dawg ( meaning Grisman, Rice, Anger, Marshall, Douglas, Phillips) influence is very clear and very well received!
      Hats Off!