• Recipients of Scott Napier's Top 5 Must Own Classic Bluegrass LPs Announced

    Recipients of Scott Napier's Top 5 Must Own Classic Bluegrass LPs Named

    HAZARD, KY Scott Napier, Bluegrass mandolinist and Associate Professor at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music at Hazard Community & Technical College has announced the recipients of five LP copies from his personal collection of classic bluegrass mandolin albums he considers the best of the best announced several weeks ago here.

    "We had a great response to this giveaway and I'm very excited to get these classic bluegrass mandolin recordings into the hands of a very talented next generation of musicians," Scott told us.

    The Recipients

    Jesse McReynolds' Mandolin Workshop - Nate Amundson is 11 years old from Canada and plays mandolin with his family band, Amundson Family Music. He said it's hard to find bluegrass music records in his area. I feel Jesse's Mandolin Workshop record will be an eye-opener in-terms of the instrument's capabilities.

    Doyle Lawson's Tennessee Dream - Gunnar Salyer is an 18 yea old multi-instrumentalist from East Africa. Gunnar writes tunes and is not only a big fan of Doyle's playing, but is interested in hearing the composing side of Doyle Lawson.

    Herschel Sizemore's Bounce Away - 16 year old Kaitlyn Briggs is from Iowa. One of her favorite songs to play on mandolin is Herschel's composition Rebecca. She would really like to hear more of the tracks on the original recording session.

    Bobby Osborne's Bobby & His Mandolin - Justin Hein is a 17 year old from Colorado who has been playing the mandolin since 10. He said he's most interested in Bobby and his mandolin because his music inspired him as a young player, and that his mandolin teacher taught him Cherokee Lady from this record. He had a great experience seeing Bobby perform at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

    Bill Monroe's Master of Bluegrass - Teo Quale is a 14 year old from California. Many of you know Teo from the band Crying Uncle. He's a passionate young player. He told us he received a turntable this past Christmas and has been looking hard for bluegrass vinyl.

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      AlanN -
      You done a good thing, Scott N.
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      bradlaird -
      Good job. That is where the future lies. Impressed.