• Frank Solivan Releases a Pre-Holiday Message and Music

    Frank Solivan - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and mandolinist Frank Solivan is out with a Christmas classic — "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" — meant to serve as encouragement in what has been a very difficult year for so many reasons.

    About the recording, Solivan said, "2020 has been a year of hardship for so many of us. The pandemic slugs on, political and racial conflicts divide us, hurricanes... wildfires. For many, it's been a year of uncertainty and loss... A loss of community, a loss of cherished time with loved ones.

    "This holiday season I thought it was important to share a song that reminds us of the Christmas traditions that unite us. Reunions with friends and family, warm memories of olden days, and hope to once again gather together… with an embrace and a kiss.

    "I find the lyrics of this timeless song particularly meaningful this year, and I hope it brings some comfort to those needing it.

    "Let your heart be light… someday soon we all will be together. Until then… we'll have to muddle through somehow. So have yourself a merry little Christmas, now."

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    The Musicians

    • Frank Solivan - Vocals, Guitar and Mandolin
    • Jillian Lea - Harmony Vocals and Penny Whistle
    • Mike Munford - Banjo
    • Mark Shatz - Bass
    • Rob Ickes - Dobro

    Tracked at Meiter Mastering. Will Shenk, recording engineer. Final vocals recorded at Bias Recording Studio, Ken Barnum, recording engineer. Mixed by Adam Taylor. Mastered by Randy Leroy at Tonal Park Mastering.

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    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      A bit of light from the tunnel.

      Calming and well done.

    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Indeed. The entire song is really pretty darn amazing. Instant classic kind of treatment and done so well. Fun being allowed to share this.
    1. Sue Rieter's Avatar
      Sue Rieter -
      I love the graphic, too.
      Bravo Frank! A good day for singing about joy.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Beautiful - thanks, Frank. Great stuff, as usual!
    1. John Soper's Avatar
      John Soper -
      We need joy and love!