• Scott Napier Giving Away Top 5 Must Have Classic Bluegrass Mandolin Albums

    Scott Napier

    HAZARD, KY — Scott Napier, Bluegrass mandolinist and Associate Professor at the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music at Hazard Community & Technical College, is giving away five personal LP copies of music he considers the best of the best early, classic bluegrass mandolin albums.

    Following a similar giveaway of his favorite classic bluegrass albums announced on Bluegrass Today, Napier noted as a part of his large collection he possessed duplicate copies he thought should be in the hands of young players.

    "The feedback from our bluegrass album giveaway was pretty phenomenal, and I'm looking forward to this music getting into the hands of young and upcoming players interested in the roots of bluegrass mandolin. These albums are absolute classics, some difficult to find, that should be part of any collection," Napier told us.

    "This time around I want to give away albums to ages to young musicians between 10 and 20," he added. "In order to be eligible to win one of these all you need to do is email or message me (scottnapierf5 at gmail.com or via my Facebook page) and tell me which album you're interested in and why you'd like to have it. Five winners will each receive one album."

    The albums being given away in the order they were recorded include:

    • Jim and Jesse - Mandolin Workshop (from 1972)
    • Doyle Lawson - Tennessee Dream (from 1977)
    • Herschel Sizemore - Bounce Away (from 1979)
    • Bobby Osborne - Bobby and his Mandolin (from 1981)
    • Bill Monroe - Master of Bluegrass (from 1981)

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    1. bradlaird's Avatar
      bradlaird -
      Great choices! Got ‘em, which is good since I am way too old to qualify.
    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      Way to go, Scott!

      One nit to pick: Tennessee Dream was released in 1977...a great LP, notwithstanding.
    1. Drew Egerton's Avatar
      Drew Egerton -
      dang, too old! Great idea though
    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      I just watched the 9 minute video. Simply terrific. The testimonials and thoughts of the mandolin/bluegrass greats featured in it were wonderful.

      Well done!
    1. FLATROCK HILL's Avatar
      Nice idea! Sadly, I too am well out of the age-range for eligibility.
      However, when whichever of you youngsters wins these classic albums and has no way to listen to them... shoot me a PM. I've got the turntable.
    1. Gunnar's Avatar
      Gunnar -
      I'm in the age range and entered! Now I just gotta wait....
    1. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
      Bernie Daniel -
      That is a really generous and useful thing to do Scott Napier! It makes me think that since I have recently confirmed that I am not getting any younger that I should do something similar? Maybe we all should follow your example? I got into BG music late -- in the early 70s -- and bought a couple hundred LPs over the next decade or so. They are taking up shelf space and gathering dust despite the fact that I have a nice turntable in the music room.