• New Music from MandoMorphosis - 2020

    MandoMorphosis - 2020

    After a 10-year recording hiatus upon the release of their critically acclaimed 2010, mandolin-centric group MandoMorphosis returns with a new recording entitled 2020 on Right Brain Records.

    About 2020 the group told us, "MandoMorphosis started ten years ago with a question: What would happen if we got a bunch of mandolin players together without a lot of rules, and then hit record? The result was a CD called 2010 that took a journey ranging from folk to jazz to free improv to classical. After a ten-year break, we wanted to revisit this question. The pandemic put a bump in the road, but in doing so created an opportunity: Instead of recording anew at this juncture, we mined past recording sessions and found some rich material, including extended jams and nearly forgotten "extra" tunes waiting to be released into the world. 2020 is an album that reflects this unique point in time. It focuses on improvisation, celebrating each moment, and making the most of the tools at our disposal — in this case, small instruments with a big collective voice."

    About their album 2010, Mandolin Magazine praised the "stunning collection of tunes... subtle musicality and virtuosic performances." The album broke into the top tier of the JamBands Radio Charts that year, leapfrogging many better known artists.


    From 2020, the track "C Swing."

    The Musicians

    • Matt Sircely - mandolin
    • Orville Johnson - mandolin, dobro
    • Michael Conolly - mandolin, violin
    • Scott Schaffer - mandolin, mandola, guitar
    • David Tiller - mandolin, guitar
    • Special guest: James Hoskins - cello

    Track Listing

    • Crash Zones 420-429
    • Shaken Waltz
    • Code Duello
    • The Inquiry
    • Mandala Obligata
    • Cascadia Raga EV
    • C Swing

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    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      This sounds like a lot of fun. There's a lot of humor in "C Swing". Thanks.