• A Virtual Quaff with Daniel Patrick of Mandolins and Beer Podcast

    Daniel Patrick of Mandolins and Beer

    The date was August 17, 2019 and a new podcast we'd been hearing about had launched. Mandolins and Beer, previously Daniel Patrick's ambitious "Lick of the Day" postings, took a break and shifted gears when David Benedict of Mandolin Mondays and Mile Twelve Bluegrass band appeared as Daniel's first audio interview guest. We were hooked.

    A year later with 54 episodes under his belt it's Daniel's turn in the spotlight. With luminaries like Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange, Caterina Lichtenberg, Doyle Lawson, Adam Steffey, Sierra Hull and so many more, the queue to be a guest on Daniel's podcast has grown, and for good reason. Whether your musical interests are bluegrass, jazz, classical, Irish and all things progressive, or traditional, it's hard to beat the enthusiasm, inspiration and plain joy of each episode. Our tip of the hat to Daniel's other primary supporters, Peghead Nation, Northfield Mandolins and Artistworks, the latter who has just started sponsoring the new Track by Track episodes.
    Mandolins and Beer
    From Mandolin Cafe headquarters and all of Daniel's podcast listeners we raise a glass in virtual toast during the pandemic and congratulate him on a great first year. Here's to looking forward to year two, and in Daniel's words, "cheers, everybody!"

    Congratulations on your first year. What's the journey been like?

    I can't believe it's been a year already! It's been surreal, to say the least! To be able to speak with some of the best players out there — and some of my heroes! — and to pick their minds about their experiences and process, it's been amazing. It definitely is work though, a lot more than expected.

    The editing process is really the most work, a few hours per episode. The sweet spot for listening time is 60-70 minutes and the conversations are usually at least 90 minutes! I try to be very aware of what I edit.

    I want listeners to learn everything they can about all of the players and I want the players to feel like it was worth their time to do the podcast. It's can be pretty tedious trying to determine what to edit, 30 minutes of conversation is ALOT of conversation!

    Daniel Patrick of Mandolins and Beer

    Every episode we get to hear how someone was bitten by the bug. We've yet to hear your story.

    Some friends talked me into trying out for a singing television show on USA network called Nashville Star. I ended up making it pretty far into the competition. I was featured on all the commercials and a few times the first episode, but I was definitely not a modern country fan, at all! So I figured I needed to check out some "new" country music.

    I was in a Target store and they had a "New Country" CD section and the coolest looking cover was Nickel Creek's This Side. Needless to say, it was not country, but from the intro to "Smoothie Song" I was hooked. I was also not aware Thile plays a bouzouki on that tune... and Bouzoukis and Beer just doesn't sound the same. Then, when I called my local music store to see if they had any mandolins (they didn't) the hold music was New Grass Revival's "Can't Stop Now." A week later I had a mandolin!


    From Daniel's 2016 release of the same name on Bandcamp, "End of the Road."

    Some truly legendary performers of late. Any hints for year two?

    I don't want to spoil any surprises as far as guests go! Also, schedules can change pretty quick and sometimes it's months before I can make an interview happen with some players. However, I have gotten John Reischman, Matt Flinner and Tristan Scroggins confirmed for the bonus content "Track by Track" episodes which is exciting! I'm also going to be interviewing some luthiers as well. If anyone has a guest they'd like to hear on the show, feel free to drop me a message through my website contact page!

    You mentioned doing an eBook, a compilation of your "If You Had 10 Minutes a Day" question you ask all guests.

    I wanted to wait to get a years worth of episodes under my belt. I've started laying out how it will look. Much harder than I thought!

    One of the big things in there is focusing on hearing the chord tones (1, 3 and 5) that are used a lot in soloing. I've also been adding exercises from different instruments that relate to right hand picking. There will also have a small section of common fiddle tunes played half step different than what you would normally play them in. Lots of really good stuff that you will notice a difference in your playing if your really apply 10 minutes a day on it.

    What are some ways listeners can support your efforts?

    There are a few ways people can support the podcast: listeners can engage my Patreon page and support me there. I've got it broken down to two tiers. For the price of one domestic beer ($4) a month, you can support the podcast. The second tier is like buying me a craft beer ($8) and you get access to quite a few "10 Minute A Day" videos and tabs!

    It may not seem like much but thosemonthly payments really have helped me out both mentally and fiscally during the pandemic.

    You can also grab some Mandolins and Beer merch from my website. Stickers start at $2.

    Any other projects you'd like your listeners to know about?

    My bluegrass band New Ghost Town is in the studio right now finishing up an album being recorded by Alan Bibey. We'll have 12 original tunes featuring Gina Furtado as a guest on banjo. The other members are Brad Edwardson on guitar and vocals, and Whitt Algar on upright bass and vocals.

    We're new enough that we're still working on a web site and social media but keep an eye out for our announcement in the near future!

    We'd be remiss if we didn't ask: favorite beers?

    Oh man, favorite beers. I'll keep it short(ish).

    • IPA - Chryonic By D9 Brewing and Bell's Two Hearted
    • Red - Carnie Fire by COAST brewing here in Charleston
    • Brown - Love the Brooklyn Brown Ale
    • Seasonal - Bell's Oberon
    • Don't get Drunk you are on a gig beer - Coors Light (The silver bullet!)
    • Stout - Guinness (Bonus points if it has a Smithwicks topper!)

    Shout out to Chris at Beaver Island Brewery for his sampler package... every one was great!

    Daniel Patrick and family

    The Episodes

    Daniel's Year 1 guests starting David Benedict, Episode #1.

    1. David Benedict
    2. Tristan Scroggins
    3. Jenni Lyn
    4. Caleb Edwards
    5. Joe K. Walsh
    6. Aaron Weinstein
    7. Scott Tichenor
    8. Jarrod Walker
    9. Tommy Norris
    10. Matt Flinner
    11. Jacob Jolliff
    12. Mike Marshall
    13. John Reischman
    14. Alan Bibey
    15. Mike Guggino
    16. Mike Compton
    17. Don Stiernberg
    18. Frank Solivan
    19. Sharon Gilchrist
    20. Dominick Leslie
    21. The Music Episode (Gilchrist, Solivan, Stiernberg, Campbell, Warner, Edwards)
    22. Jarrod Walker and Tristan Scroggins
    23. Kym Warner
    24. Casey Campbell
    25. C.J. Lewandowski
    26. Doyle Lawson
    27. Andrew Marlin
    28. Andrew Collins
    29. Marla Fibish
    30. Caleb Klauder
    31. Paul Glasse
    32. Lauren Price
    33. Andy Leftwich
    34. Andy Statman
    35. Tim Connell
    36. Don Julin
    37. Baron Collins-Hill
    38. Tim O'Brien
    39. Andy Wood
    40. Isaac Eicher
    41. Jack Dunlap
    42. Emory Lester
    43. Jared Pool
    44. Adrian Bagale
    45. Track by Track with Don Stiernberg
    46. Nate Lee
    47. Matt Mundy
    48. Nick Dumas
    49. Caterina Lichtenberg
    50. Thomas Cassell
    51. Adam Steffey - Part 1
    52. Adam Steffey - Part 2
    53. Sierra Hull - Part 1
    54. Track by Track with Mike Marshall
    55. Sierra Hull - Part 2

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    1. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
      Don Stiernberg -
      Bravo!Let's raise a glass and a mandlin and a pick and salute Danial Patrick, terrific mandolin player, interviewer, podcaster, and wonderful gentleman. Here's to the next 100 episodes!
    1. Brandon John Foote's Avatar
      Brandon John Foote -
      Excellent feature on a superb podcast!
    1. Joey Anchors's Avatar
      Joey Anchors -
      Been listening ever since episode 1 and love it every week!!
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Congratulations and thank you, Daniel for spreading your enthusiasm and love of mandolin and the music. This is a wonderful podcast. Well done.
    1. GTison's Avatar
      GTison -
      I drive several hours per day. I always listen to this podcast, and I can't wait for each episode to appear. It is really good for mandolin fans like me. Congratulations Daniel and thanks for the podcast.
    1. Trader Todd's Avatar
      Trader Todd -
      Congrats Daniel! All power to the Carolina Lowcountry!
    1. Mark Gunter's Avatar
      Mark Gunter -
      Here's to you, Daniel! Thank you (and each of your guests) for the awesome interviews. Great inspiration and entertainment!
    1. Bill Slovin's Avatar
      Bill Slovin -
      Such a great podcast you've put together Daniel. I listen to every episode and it's so great to get a glimpse into our mando heroes and hear that they are mortals too who have to put in the time in the practice room to see improvement. Looking forward to another year of great content. Thank you!
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      "My favorite web podcast!" Published one year ago today.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Noting the anniversary of our favorite podcast interview.