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    Long Story Short

    SAN DIEGO — Long Story Short has announced a July 31 release of their self-titled debut album of chamber-folk music.

    Renowned instrumentalists Ashley Hoyer (formerly Ashley Broder, on mandolin, electric mandolin, fiddle), Ben Schreiber (fiddle), and Aria DiSalvio (cello, banjo) join forces to perform Hoyer's original compositions. The combination of mandolin, fiddle, and cello, along with just the right balance of folk and classical influences, creates a sound that has been described as cinematic and transportive.

    About the album, Hoyer told us, "This trio is a dream. To have my musical ideas come to life with the help of my bandmates' expertise is thrilling. We're excited to be launching this new band and look forward to creating new music for years to come!"


    The track "The Race" from their self-titled album. PDF transcription of "The Race" from the Mandolin Cafe's feature interview Changing Channels with Ashley Broder from January, 2019.

    Track Listing

    • Salutations
    • Lakeside
    • The Race
    • Papua Set
    • Helix
    • Rattlesnake Canyon
    • The Time Between
    • Manatee
    • Snow Day
    • Seventeen Years
    • Whereabouts

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mark Seale View Post
      Delightful, Inspiring!
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      Congratulations, and like Don says, Yay!
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      Wonderful Ashley! That's a beautiful journey from the Symposium days... Proud
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      Beautiful music !
      Congratulations on the release.
      How exciting!!!
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      Very exciting to hear this arrangement of The Race with this ensemble after having watched the Mandolin Mondays Video a few hundred times!
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      This is outstanding!
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      This trio surely has a winning and rewarding run ahead. Wow, what a race indeed!
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      Well, that was just plain wonderful... Loved the melodic ideas and the execution. Looks like the project release date is tomorrow. I'm in... L
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      That's some fine music.
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      Wow, this is truly a beautiful record. Congratulations, Ashley!!
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      Ashley is the newest guest on the Mandolins and Beer podcast.
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      Awesome, something a little different and refreshing