• Exclusive First Release from Bronwyn Keith-Hynes new Album Fiddler's Pastime

    First listen to the blockbuster track "Open Water," from Fiddler's Pastime, featuring Sierra Hull.

    Bronwyn Keith-Hynes - Open Water

    NASHVILLE — Bronwyn Keith-Hynes has announced a September 4 release date for her debut solo album entitled Fiddler's Pastime, a project that establishes the young fiddler as one of the most exciting bluegrass musicians of her generation. This powerful collection of original fiddle tunes and traditional songs features world renowned guest artists Sierra Hull, Tim O'Brien, Sarah Jarosz, Chris Eldridge, Laura Orshaw and James Kee.

    Exclusive First Listen

    From Fiddler's Pastime, the track "Open Water," featuring Sierra Hull.

    With the release of the album's first single, "Open Water," featuring Sierra Hull, Keith-Hynes showcases the creativity of both her fiddling and writing abilities. "This was the first tune I wrote for the album, and I think it captures something I love in bluegrass music which is that combination of haunting melody and rocket-like propulsion. I remember having my fiddle out in a quiet corner of the hotel at the International Bluegrass Music Association's yearly event in Raleigh last September, and the first part of the tune came to me then. I thought of Sierra for this track because I wanted a fiddle/mandolin unison sound for a lot of the melody and her incredible tone and groove seemed like the perfect fit." The track also includes the stellar picking of Jake Stargel on guitar, Jeff Picker on bass and Wes Corbett on banjo.

    Created with the help of producer and Sam Bush Band banjo player Wes Corbett, Fiddler's Pastime is a celebration of her first year of living in Nashville. "I moved here in 2018 and it's been a really inspiring time in my life, being surrounded by this incredible music scene," Bronwyn told us.

    Fiddler's Pastime Track Listing

    • Hendersonville Hop
    • Last Train
    • Fiddler's Pastime
    • Open Water
    • Hello Trouble
    • The Minstrel Boy
    • North Garden
    • Michelle's Waltz
    • Happy Hollow
    • Natchez Whistle
    • I Don't Know Why

    Originally from Charlottesville, Virg., Bronwyn picked up the fiddle at age 3 and never looked back. The daughter of a first generation Irish American father and southern American mother, her first musical love was traditional Irish fiddling. But after a childhood of deep immersion in Irish music and culture, she traced its immigration across the Atlantic ocean and into the Appalachian Mountains and found a sound that resonated even more completely with her in the bluegrass music she heard as a teenager.

    In 2014, she formed the bluegrass band Mile Twelve and has toured with them for the past 6 years across the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe as well as releasing two full length albums

    With accolades that include winning the 2014 Winfield Fiddle Championship and the 2015 FreshGrass Festival Fiddle Contest as well as being named International Bluegrass Music Association's 2018 Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year, Bronwyn emerges with Fiddler's Pastime, expressing her uniquely creative voice in bluegrass fiddle.

    "Bronwyn's fiddle playing is about being present. You can sense the presence of mind, presence of heart, presence of the unmistakable Bronwyn in every note she plays. Her impeccable care in selecting what is to be presented on her fiddle translates to a preternatural tone quality that draws our ear and says 'Here is a musician with something to say... it's Bronwyn... wow!'"

    - Darol Anger

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      A-board -
      Hoping for an appearance at a venue near me when touring opens up again.
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      Richard Mott -
      Wow, what unabashed energy!
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      RobP -
      Wow.. amazing.. can't wait to hear the rest!
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      Sperry -
      Bronwyn Keith-Hynes definitely knows what is going on. And a big THANK YOU to Wes Corbett for sharing his production experience and helping the next generation keep our tradition alive.
      Like a fearless cat leaping and soaring from tree limb to tree limb!