• New Music from Mark Daly - STORIES From Here and Away

    Mark Daly - STORIES From Here and Away

    CINCINNATI — Mark Daly has announced the release of his new instrumental album of all original tunes entitled STORIES From Here and Away, featuring fourteen compositions that range from bluegrass, acoustic, Irish, jam-band, Latin, to roots and more.

    With mandolin on all tracks, plenty of mandola, octave mandolin, and mandocello are featured throughout. Several tunes have the entire mandolin family of instruments including "Paris Rain," "Dagwood," and "Every Day Good." Two tracks highlight electric mandolin including "A Taste of Cream" and "Summer Jam."


    The opening track, "Buckeye Bounce."

    Track Listing

    • Buckeye Bounce
    • Simple Times
    • Saint Patrick's March
    • Paris Rain
    • Angeline The Rockin' Baker
    • Midnight Mood
    • Shipshewana Pony Ride
    • Dagwood
    • Seņorita Serenade
    • Windjammers
    • Sunset Groove
    • A Taste of Cream
    • Every Day Good
    • Summer Jam

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      Thank you Scott. You do so much for our mandolin community. It is greatly appreciated.