• Two Classic Out-of-Print Emory Lester Recordings Re-Released Digital

    Emory Lester

    ONTARIO, CANADA — Two classic and sought after instrumental recordings from Emory Lester, long out-of-print and too often difficult to find, have been re-released and are now available on many digital platforms.

    Pale Rider from 1993 and Cruisin' the 8 from 2002, previously available only on CD are now widely available to a great audience.

    About the release Emory Lester told us, "These have been a long time coming and I'm really pleased to make them available to a lot of young mandolin players who never had the opportunity to hear them, and to plenty of folks that have but have maybe moved on from CDs."


    From Pale Rider, the title track.

    Track Listing - Pale Rider

    • Pale Rider
    • Rattlesnake
    • Forked Deer
    • At Dusk
    • Mandograss Medley: Katy Hill / Billy in the Low Ground / Salt Creek / Soldiers Joy / Sally Goodin / Old Joe Clark / Roanoke
    • Cactus Pass
    • Neon Street
    • Alone
    • Lady Be Good
    • Front Royal
    • Little France


    From Cruisin' the 8, the track "King's Quest."

    Track Listing - Cruisin' the 8

    • Cruisin' the 8
    • Echinacea
    • Mountain Air
    • Salt Creek Revisited
    • King's Quest
    • Impressions
    • So What
    • Paul Barfoot's Breakdown
    • Autumn Blue
    • Billy in the Claw Ground
    • Emo-Tion
    • Steel Driver

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    1. Alfons's Avatar
      Alfons -
      These are great recordings - I love Emory's musical sensibilities. Nice to see them getting some attention.
    1. giannisgrass's Avatar
      giannisgrass -
      I have Pale Rider's original CD release.. great album with Ray Legere, beautiful Little France version. Jerusalem Ridge from 1983 is another great album from Emory..
    1. KEB's Avatar
      KEB -
      Excited to have these available via streaming-- some really great tunes that have been very hard to find.
    1. Larry Simonson's Avatar
      Larry Simonson -
      I enjoyed very much- very clear and clean.