• Dawg Tunes now Available as Individual PDF Downloads

    The Book of the Dawg

    PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. — Acoustic Disc has announced the availability of all transcribed tunes from the first four Book of the Dawg volumes including Dawg Roots, Dawg Grass, Dawg Jazz and Dawg Latin as individual PDF downloads available for purchase.

    Each PDF consists of at least 3 pages of written text and discography, music notation, mandolin tab and music notation only. Price per song is $2.99.

    The individual titles along with all four books are now available for purchase exclusively from Acoustic Disc.

    Free sample tune from the collection: "Dawg's Bull," from Dawg Grass.

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    1. Drew Egerton's Avatar
      Drew Egerton -
      these books are great! I have the Dawg Jazz book that I bought from the man himself at a show and have borrowed a friend's Dawg Grass book. Really nicely done. Thank you Dawg!
    1. Nate Lee's Avatar
      Nate Lee -
      This is an awesome resource!